How to throw a touch pass in Madden 24

How to throw a touch pass in Madden 24

How to throw a touch pass in Madden 24

Do you want to learn how to throw a touch pass in Madden 24? Regardless of your talent level in actual sports, sometimes learning how to do the most basic moves in video games can be a bit of a head-scratcher.

Madden 24 allows you to experience the NFL in a number of game modes like Superstar and Ultimate Team. It even lets you do a fantasy draft through Franchise mode.

But even after all of the meticulous stat allocation and team management that comes with the game, you’ll still end up relying on your skills once you take to the field. Now, let’s figure out how to throw a touch pass in Madden 24, so you can add it to your repertoire.

How to throw a touch pass in Madden 24

To perform a touch pass in Madden 24, you will need to press the receiver button you wish to pass to and hold that button down for a fraction of a second. The touch pass is arguably the most difficult type of pass to execute in the game, but it’s a great tool for getting through the opposing team’s defense.

The reason touch passes can be difficult to pull off in Madden 24 is its strict timing. Hold the receiver button down too long, and you’ll end up performing a bullet pass. Press a receiver button for a quick tap and you’ll be firing off a lob down the field.

After performing a pass, you’ll know what type you ended up pulling off from the white text that appears on the bottom of your screen. So if you’re trying to do a touch pass but see the words “bullet pass” flash on your screen, try to adjust by releasing the pass button a bit quicker.

What does a touch pass do?

A touch pass will cover a medium distance on the field with enough of an arc to go over defenders. With bullet passes being more direct and lobs flying through the air, the touch pass is an excellent in-between to get the best of both worlds.

With that being said, it’s still best to master all the different pass types you can do in Madden 24 for a dynamic offense. Keep using the touch pass and your plays will become predictable.

So that’s our guide on how to throw a touch pass in Madden 24. For more on the NFL simulator, you may want to take a look at its Steam Deck performance and best settings or how to fix crashing issues.

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