How to speed up Instagram videos

Instagram logo alongside a fast forward icon on a colourful gradient background

Instagram logo alongside a fast forward icon on a colourful gradient background

They were hardly an original idea, but Instagram Reels have been a popular addition to the app. Experts and amateurs alike have taken to making their own, and there's tons of editing tools to help make short-form masterpieces.

To help you get more familiar with the app's editing tools, this guide will explain how to speed up Instagram videos. It's an important skill to have now that all standalone video posts are automatically converted to Reels.

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How to speed up Instagram videos

To slow down or speed up your videos, you'll need to follow the steps listed and shown in the image below.

  1. Tap the 'new post' button between the search and reels buttons
  1. Tap the 'Reel' option, and choose the video you'd like to speed up
  2. Swipe up to see the video's timeline
  3. Tap the 'Edit' option in the bottom left
  4. Tap the 'Speed' button in the bottom left
  5. Use the slider to speed up or slow down the video as needed
  6. Tap the tick to save the effect when you're happy

The video can be previewed while adjusting the slider to make sure it's looking and sounding exactly the way you want it. Original speed can also be restored by tapping the 'Edit' option again and selecting 'Discard'.

Screenshots of Instagram showing the process to speed up a video
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Credit: Screenshots: StealthOptional - Video Depicted: Arcade Craniacs

If you want to save the sped up video without posting it, you can swipe down after the edits have been made and tap the download button in the top right. It looks like an arrow pointing down at a horizontal line, and will save the video on your phone.

That's all we can share about speeding up Instagram videos. While you're here, become an Instagram expert by learning how to activate quiet mode, see the exact time of a post, story, or comment, and fix the black screen issue.

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