How to move Sentry Turret in Aliens Dark Descent

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how to move sentry turrent in aliens dark descent man with bright eyes

Part of having the right defence against the Xenomorph in Aliens: Dark Descent is knowing your turrets. To help you have the best defence, let's look at how to move the Sentry Turret in Aliens: Dark Descent, so you'll be ready for anything that comes your way.

Aliens: Dark Descent is a tense and immersive survival game, which is all about commanding your colonial marines (of 5 classes). But your strategy will be all about using the correct strategies and choosing what might be the best weapons against the powerful aliens.

But indeed, perhaps most of all other tools, the turrets do play a big role in defending, so let's look at how to move the Sentry Turret in Aliens: Dark Descent.

How to move the Sentry Turret in Aliens: Dark Descent

It is easy to be a little confused about the turrets since the game doesn't explain how to use them. What you want is, first, to open the skill menu and select the Sentry gun.

Then here's how to move the Sentry Turret in Aliens: Dark Descent:

  • Move the cursor where you want to place the first sentry turret.
  • Instead of pressing "confirm", long press the button (might be mouse, A or X, depending on the platform you're playing on).
  • This displays the sentry turret's field where it will react to enemies.
  • Continue pressing the button and rotate the turret using the mouse or the analogue stick.
  • Let go of the button to place the turret where you think might be useful.

That's all there is to know about moving the turrets, but there's more about them that the game does not tell you.

How to change a Sentry Turret after placing it

After you place a turret, then that's it. While they are just placed, so you might think your marines could easily move them, the game doesn't let you quickly change positions. You can't move the sentry turret anymore, even if aliens are sneaking past it and it's not doing much damage.

Here's how to change the direction of the sentry gun:

  • After placing a turret, you only have a few options.
  • What you want is select "Pick Up".
  • Now you can change the direction and its position.

You might want to be careful while doing so since you're defenceless. Might be better to think about doing this only if you're sure that your marines are efficiently covering the defences, or it is easy to be overrun by the aliens.

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