How to Hatch-a-Dot in Peridot

how to hatch a dot in Peridot - picture if a violet creature looking back at camera
Credit: Niantic

how to hatch a dot in Peridot - picture if a violet creature looking back at camera
Credit: Niantic

Understanding how to hatch-a-dot in Peridot will help you prepare as a responsible virtual pet owner. If you're also wondering how to get more dots in Peridot, you can start by getting familiar with the Hatch-a-Dot system.

Since Peridot is continuously evolving, it might gain new features designed around the nuances of dot-breeding. Perhaps players might even get better options while choosing among Peridot starter eggs.

If you want to learn how to hatch a dot, you’re in the right place. This article will guide you through the simple steps of hatching cuddly and playful dots.

How to hatch a dot in Peridot without getting confused

To start hatching a dot, you need to find a habitat on your local map. Just like Pokemon GO, Peridot relies on AR technology and GPS. This means that habitats will appear as digital beacons where dots can appear.

Finding a habitat is straightforward and possibly the easiest method. However, being easy doesn’t translate to practicality. Once you’ve found a habitat, you need a nest to start the hatching process. A nest costs around $5, and it doesn’t guarantee that your favourite dot appearances or styles will appear.

Your profile picture and dots will remain in the habitat data for a maximum of five days. During this time, other players can reach out to your dots for hatching.

Share pictures to find Hatch-a-dot opportunities

Social sharing is a strong feature of Peridot. After hatching your first dot, you can watch it play and take its pictures. You can upload the pictures directly to social media.

Through social media or digital sharing, you can easily find other players who want to hatch new dots. Just be patient and you’ll eventually find the right dot for hatching.

If you can’t find the best Traits in your first hatching attempts, don’t give up. Keep hatching new dots and you will soon find the mega-rare Traits and styles that you’ve been looking for!

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