How to get more dots in Peridot

How to get more dots in Peridot - Picture of a woman and a cute creature looking over the ocean
Credit: Niantic

How to get more dots in Peridot - Picture of a woman and a cute creature looking over the ocean
Credit: Niantic

Knowing how to get more dots in Peridot is an interesting move. If you can collect many dots, you’ll have more creatures to play with. Plus, you might even get the chance to trade dots soon.

Aside from the starter eggs available in Peridot, you'll have the chance to gain new colorful and adorable dots through breeding.

In this article, you’ll learn about the basic strategies for getting more dots in Peridot.

How to get more dots in Peridot through habitats

The simplest way to get a new dot is through habitats. Each habitat looks like a coloured bubble in Peridot’s digital map.

After clicking a nearby habitat, choose any of the dots that you want your dot to hatch with.

If you’re picky with the dots’ appearances, you may need to spend a long time before finding the right match.

How to get dots with the help of a friend

How to get more dots - photo of a woman feeding a purple creature
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Credit: Niantic
Your dot, your friend

While not as competitive as Pokemon Go and its pay-to-play gym battles, Peridot is still more interesting to play with friends. One reason is that friends can help hatch new dots, especially if they’re also looking to expand their pool of creatures.

To hatch a dot with the help of a friend, open your inventory or bag. Click a friend’s profile, select a dot, and send a message request through Niantic’s Campfire App. Once your friend agreed, you can now click the hatch-a-dot button and choose an egg for your new dot.

Just like the habitat-hatching method, relying on friends might take a long time. One workaround that you can do is to add dedicated friends who are also active in the Campfire App.

How to get more rare dots

It’s hard to get the most beautiful and captivating dots in Peridot. Some of the rarest dots are Pulse and Breezy, and they look fancy with animated colours.

Instead of spending money on nests, you can use a trick to get rare dots in the beginning. You just need to be patient.

Here’s how you can get more rare dots:

  • Register for a main account but don’t link it to your Google account.
  • Reroll for super-rare dots by clearing the cache and app data and restarting the game.
  • Once you’re satisfied with your new dot, proceed with the tutorial and link your progress to Google.

Currently, Peridot’s hatching system is expensive and time-consuming. You need to pay $5 for each nest since there’s no way to find nest parts and gems. On top of that, you still have to locate nearby habitats and pray that you get a rare dot after the breeding process.

Still, dots are cute and irresistible. A super-rare cute dot is probably worth the money and effort!

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