How to get Epic Games on Steam Deck

How to get Epic Games on Steam Deck? - Picture of Epic Games logo
Credit: Epic Games

How to get Epic Games on Steam Deck? - Picture of Epic Games logo
Credit: Epic Games

If you're wondering how to get Epic Games on Steam Deck, you've come to the right place.

Recently, many users have experimented with the Epic Games launcher and got their favourite games running on Steam Deck. This includes Valorant, Read Dead Redemption 2, and Destiny 2.

Continue reading to know how to get Epic Games on Steam Deck!

How to get Epic Games on Steam Deck

You can get Epic Store games by following some simple methods. Keep in mind that the Heroic Game Launcher plays an important role in adding Epic games on Steam Deck.

Here are the steps for getting Epic Games on Steam Deck:

  • Open your Steam dashboard and switch to Desktop Mode.
  • Let the Steam desktop program run in the background.
  • Install the Heroic Games launcher from Steam's Discover App. The Heroic Games launcher will let you get Epic Store games directly.
  • Open the Heroic Games launcher and log in with your Epic account.
  • Add the Heroic Games launcher as a non-Steam game.
  • Run the launcher and select your favourite games.

Now, you should know that downloading Epic games using the Heroic Games launcher is not 100% effective. There's a fair chance that you might encounter an error or a version compatibility issue.

In such a case, you can try installing Epic Games manually.

How to get Epic Games on Steam Deck manually?

It's possible to get the Epic Games App on Steam Deck manually. However, this method requires technical manoeuvring and adjustments.

So, sit back, take your time, and go through these steps:

  • Download and add the Epic installer to your Steam Deck as a non-Steam game.
  • Open the Steam App in Desktop Mode.
  • If the Steam App couldn't read the Epic installer, just press Browse and find the location where you downloaded the installer.
  • Open the Shortcut Properties panel of the Epic installer.
  • Look for the EpicGamesLauncher.exe file and paste it to the Target box. This will help the Steam App locate the main Epic launcher file.
  • Paste EpicGamesLauncher.exe to the Start In box, but remove the last portion (the EpicGamesLauncher word).
  • Change compatibility by toggling Force the use of a specific Steam Play compatibility tool.

Once you've managed to run the Epic launcher successfully, you can now browse for your favourite games. And after such a long process, you truly deserve to enjoy some awesome Epic Store titles!

What are the best Epic Games on Steam Deck?

There are many awesome Epic games that you can choose from. Most of these games run smoothly on Steam Deck, while others require minor tweaking.

Check out these popular titles from Epic Store:

Remember that game availability on different platforms can change over time, so it's best to check Steam Deck's compatibility with specific games once it's released to ensure compatibility and performance.

Now that you know how to get Epic Games on Steam Deck, check out how to install on Steam Deck.

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