How to get Enshrouded Radiant Paladin armor set

Credit: Redditor u/Amazing_Silver154

Credit: Redditor u/Amazing_Silver154

The world of Enshrouded is home to a myriad of powerful armor and weapons. And out of them, the Radiant paladin armor set is on every player's wishlist. So, how do we find it within Enshrouded's Embervale?

The Radiant paladin armor set comprises five pieces thatamps up your defenses. These gears come with powerful magical and physcial defences and work well against bosses and dungeons.

All you need is to maintain the required rank or hire to equip it and a few multiple runs to get all the pieces. To ease up the search-out process, we've compiled an easy guide to get the Enshrouded Radiant paladin armor set and make yourself a force to be reckoned with. Let's begin.

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enshrouded radiant paladin armor stats

Enshrouded Paladin Armor Stats

Radiant Armor Piece
Armor Stats
Armor Special Effects
28 Magical Resistance 42 Physcial Resistance
+15% chance for melee critical strike
56 Magical resistance 113 Physical Resistance
+24 Stamina +240 Health
14 Magical Resistance 28 Physical Resistance
+2% damaage for melee opponents
28 Magical Resistance 70 Physical Resistance
+90 Health +2 Health regeneration
14 Magical Resistance 28 Physical Resistance
-120 health reduction timeout +4 Health Regeneration

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enshrouded radiant paladin armor location

How to Get Enshrouded Radiant Paladin Armor set

The first thing to remember about the Radiant paladin armor set is that there are no guaranteed spots to find each of the five pieces. You'll find each piece as chest loot items scattered around in random areas of the map.

Not to forget, some parts, like the armor piece, have lower spawn chances than others. So you'll need to invest more time in searching for some parts than others.

That being said, there are some sure-shot locations on the Embervale map, such as the Sun Temple. You'll find it in the Kindlewastes Area, which falls on the southeast side of the map. Here, you'll find a treasure chest that has a higher chance of holding a Radiant armor piece.

If you give some time to reset and return to the area later, you might find another. A few more resets, and you might reliably receive all the Radiant armor pieces one after another for your Paladin build.

A clever tip for this farming style is to always save the game right before opening a treasure chest and once again right after getting your chest loots. This way, you don't lose a valuable piece. Also, keep in mind that this method is not a sure-shot way of farming for all the Enshrouded Radiant paladin armor sets. It mostly depends on your luck.

Additionally, this method could take weeks. So make sure to put a Flame Alter near the Sun Temple for easy access and teleportation. This is the best location to try your chances with the Radiant armor set.

In short, this is one of the best and most reliable ways to get the Enshrouded Radiant armor set for your paladin. Not only does this armor set come with great defensive stats, but it also has useful special effects to make you unkillable. So, try out your luck today.

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