How to fix Xbox error code 80004005

Xbox logo on green background
Credit: Microsoft

Xbox logo on green background
Credit: Microsoft

Xbox enthusiasts have encountered a myriad of errors, from network glitches to data hiccups and others. The Xbox error code 80004005 is a common one and stems from a multitude of sources, such as system updates, network connectivity, data integrity, hardware problems, and even wrong account settings.

Despite its many triggers, there is a simple, yet unconventional solution that would rarely come to your mind without checking out for a solution in the online world. With this said, let's dive into what exactly you need to do to fix this common and persisting error. Trust us it is a quick fix, but you wouldn't think of it.

How to fix Xbox error code 80004005

Xbox error code 80004005 time and date change
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Credit: Xbox
Xbox error code time and date change

Step 1: Go to Date and Time Settings

Start by finding your Xbox settings. Look for "Date and Time" in the options.

Step 2: Change System Time

Move the clock ahead by one hour from now. This is important to fix a time problem.

Step 3: Log into Your Game

Try signing in to your game after changing the time. If it doesn't work, do it again until it does.

Step 4: Go Back to Automatic

Once you're in, go back to the date and time settings without closing the game. Put the date and time back to automatic.

Step 5: Save Your Game

Save your progress in the game. This should fix the Xbox Error Code 80004005.

Remember, this might sound a bit strange, but lots of players say it works because it sorts out the time mix-up between cloud data and your Xbox's clock.

Xbox error code 80004005 solutions

  1. Restart Your Xbox:
    Try turning your Xbox off and on again. It's a simple way that sometimes helps.
  2. Hard Reset Your Xbox:
    Hold down the power button for 10 seconds until your Xbox turns off. Then turn it on again.
  3. Clear Cache:
    Clear out the system's temporary memory. Follow the Xbox instructions to do this.
  4. Check Your Internet:
    Make sure your internet connection is good. If possible, use a cable instead of Wi-Fi.
  5. Check Your Account Settings:
    Look at your account settings to make sure everything is set up right.

Give these steps a go, and you might solve the Xbox Error Code 80004005. If not, get in touch with Xbox support for more help.

There you have it, that's how to fix Xbox error code 80004005. For the latest tech information, check out our How To page so you can stay on top of any issues that could affect your consoles.

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