How to fix why is BeReal not letting me post? issue

Why is BeReal not letting me post - picture of a user uploading a BeReal post
Credit: BeReal

Why is BeReal not letting me post - picture of a user uploading a BeReal post
Credit: BeReal

Recently, many users have been asking the question, why is Bereal not letting me post? This is related to the error where users couldn’t post their BeReals for the day.

The BeReal posting error is somehow similar to the BeReal uploading failed issue. Both errors have temporary fixes, but it’s tricky to figure out which issues caused the errors in the first place.

If you’re wondering about the question, why is Bereal not letting me post, then you’re in the right place. We’ll help you answer the question, and we’ll also show you some fixes or solutions.

Why is BeReal not letting me post?

There are many reasons why BeReal is preventing you from posting daily content. Most of these reasons are related to connectivity issues and failed updates.

Here’s a breakdown of the BeReal issues that can prevent posting:

  • BeReal server issues: Sometimes, BeReal’s servers are possibly down, preventing users from posting their daily BeReals.
  • Unstable Internet connection: If your Internet connection is unstable, the BeReal App won’t be able to connect to the server, preventing any post from getting uploaded.
  • Corrupted internal files: If BeReal’s internal files are corrupted, the App won’t be able to post or it wouldn’t even open.
  • Missing update: Since BeReal is an online app, it must have consistent updates meant to fix issues.

BeReal’s posting error has been occurring since early March 2023. Users are just constantly cycling through different solutions to fix the error.

How to fix BeReal's posting error?

BeReal’s posting error can be fixed by applying several easy solutions. These solutions don’t require complicated processes or third-party software.

These are the fixes for BeReal’s posting error:

  • Update the BeReal App: Open the Play Store or the App Store and look for BeReal. If the update button is present, click it. BeReal should start updating, and the whole process will be finished in less than a minute.
  • Switch to a different connection: More often than not, changing to a different connection will fix the issue and allow BeReal to connect properly. Try to connect to a stable Wi-Fi network to prevent future issues.
  • Reinstall BeReal: If issues still persist after updating, you can just reinstall the BeReal App. This will remove any bugs and synchronize BeReal’s features with your phone.

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