How to fix Nightingale Sprained Ankle status

How to fix Nightingale Sprained Ankle - fighting a boss with hammer

How to fix Nightingale Sprained Ankle - fighting a boss with hammer

It is never funny to have a sprained ankle or a hurt leg, not in real life, but not in a game either. That is why we are here to help on how to fix Nightingale sprained ankle status, so you can get back in working order and walk normally as soon as possible.

Of course, another topic that may be quite useful for you in this case is how to heal, among other interesting features in the game such as how to craft Wooden bundles.

But now, let's find out what you need to do in order to fix your sprained ankle in Nightingale and get back to normal.

How to fix sprained ankle status in Nightingale

In order to quickly fix your ankle (or also leg), just use a Healing Potion, or alternatively a Healing Salve. Potions can be found around the realms, just be sure to loot all the chests that you will find. While healing salves can be crafted easily,

If you find yourself out of potions and salves, well then you can say that time heals all wounds, right? If you wait long enough, the status will go away by itself, but you'll have to endure not being able to dodge, which is definitely not a good time.

How do you get a sprained ankle in Nightingale

The Sprained Ankle status is caused by jumping by a place too high up, without an Umbrella. Luckily, it might be useful to keep things under control by looking at the Falling Damage meter.

Falling from a great height, gets you a sprained ankle, but an even greater health? That gets you a broken leg, which is even worse and takes more time to heal and won't let you jump or sprint.

That's all you need to know on how to fix Nightingale sprained ankle status. For more tips and tricks, check out how to find fibre.

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