EA Sports FC 24 store errors – how to fix

EA Sports FC 24 store error

EA Sports FC 24 store error

Are you unable to purchase packs and collection cards for your Ultimate Team? You could be experiencing irritating EA Sports FC 24 store errors. Issues like this can be frustrating to deal with, so we’ve come up with this guide to help you resolve it.

EA Sports FC 24 is a football simulation game that lets you play exhibition matches with your favorite teams or experience what it’s like to manage your own club. These are common features across all sports titles including NBA 2K24 and Madden 24.

Having to deal with EA Sports FC 24 store errors could get in the way of improving your team. Let’s go ahead and find out how to fix it.

How to fix the EA Sports FC 24 store error

To fix the EA Sports FC 24 store errors, you are going to need to adjust the game’s resolution settings or restart the game and change the language settings without any controllers connected. It’s easy to get lost when navigating through several menus to find a particular setting, so here’s a quick step-by-step guide to get where you need to go.

Store not supported in this resolution

  • In the main menu, scroll all the way up until you reach the two icons in the upper-left corner of your screen.
  • Open the Accessibility menu.
  • Move over to the Display Configuration tab.
  • The first setting here should be Resolution. Cycle through the different options then press the Apply button.

While switching up your resolution does seem to resolve the store error in most cases, the resolution that can end up fixing your problem may be different from other players. This means you may have to through a bit of a trial and error to find the right setting.

But what about if you're having issues checking out from the store? Let's look at how to solve it.

Store checkout error

  • Disconnect all controllers and restart the game.
  • After EA Sports FC 24 launches, press S.
  • You will be prompted to change the language. Switch to any language besides English.

You should now be able to go into the store and checkout without any issues.

What is the EA Sports FC 24 store error?

The store errors in EA Sports FC 24 prevent players from accessing the in-game store. This usually occurs when playing through the Ultimate Team mode.

When experiencing this error, a message saying “The store is not supported at this resolution. Please change your resolution to a higher setting to access the store” will appear as you try to access the store. If you are able to get into the store, you might get another error message that states “There has been an error with the FC Store Checkout. Please try again later.”

And that’s how to fix the EA Sports FC 24 store error. In case you run into more problems with the football game, check out how to resolve any crashing issues or server errors in EA’s football simulator.

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