How to fix Android unresponsive touch screen

fix Android unresponsive touch screen - warning sign on phone

fix Android unresponsive touch screen - warning sign on phone

There's nothing more frustrating than using your smartphone or tablet and then, suddenly, it's not responding any more. Like that touch screen becomes completely useless, for some reason. What to do? Keep reading, and we'll explain how to fix Android unresponsive touch screen and get back to using your device.

Clearly, that problem can be caused by many issues, for example if you dropped your device and the screen is cracked, well there's not much we can do. But in case of other issues such as how to fix a speaker crackling and how to clean a charging port, you can try some quick fixes.

So let's look at what to do to deal with an unresponsive touch screen on your Android device.

How to fix your Android's unresponsive touch screen

There are several things you can try, starting from the obvious restarting your phone, to drying out your device (if it has got wet or fallen into water) to upgrading your firmware. Let's look at them.

Restart your device

The first thing to try is definitely a soft reset, but since the screen is not working, you might be wondering how to do it. Luckily, on Android that is very easy, follow these steps:

  • Press and hold the "Power" button.
  • It will show up two options, but ignore them.
  • Keep pressing the Power button and wait until the device is off.
  • Wait a few seconds, then try again the Power button to turn it on.

Now try the touch screen again and see if it has worked.

Turn your device into Safe mode

This might be a good idea, if you suspect that there are apps interfering with the touchscreen. But how to do it, again, without using the screen? Follow these steps:

  • Press and hold the Power button, as mentioned before, to restart the device.
  • Now turn it back on by holding the Power button, once you see the logo of the phone company, release the button.
  • Now hold the Volume Down button.
  • The device should boot into safe mode.

Now try out the touchscreen and see if it works.

Dry out your device

If your device has gotten wet, it is definitely a good idea to not try to use it (or turn it on, if it's off) until it's fully dried. In order to make sure the device will be fully dry, it might be a good idea to, first, remove all the removable parts of the device which might be nothing.

Now, use alcohol to wash your device to remove any dirt there might be on it. Now, put the device in a packet of rice and keep it sealed for several hours. Check back on your device and see if it's working again.

These solutions should help you fix your Android unresponsive touch screen, if it doesn't work then it might be a good idea to ship it off to a repairer. For more tips and tricks for your Android device, check out some of the best Android games.

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