How to do a fantasy draft in Madden 24

How to do a fantasy draft in Madden 24

How to do a fantasy draft in Madden 24

Since fantasy football continues to be a popular pastime, you may be wondering how to do a fantasy draft in Madden 24. Through a fantasy draft, you will be able to put all your favorite players together on one team to come up with some interesting lineups.

Madden 24 is the latest game in EA’s annual NFL release that includes improved graphics and updated rosters. There are many ways to enjoy Madden 24 with game modes like Franchise, Ultimate Team, and Superstar, where you can create your very own NFL player.

But if you would rather watch a bunch of NFL what-if scenarios play out on your screen, then let’s go ahead and find out how to do a fantasy draft in Madden 24.

How to do a fantasy draft in Madden 24

To start a fantasy draft in Madden 24, you will need to start a new league in the game’s Franchise mode. It’s a pretty straightforward process from there, but here’s a step-by-step guide in case you’re unsure about certain options.

  • Select Franchise mode from the main menu and start a new league by clicking on the plus sign.
  • In the Franchise mode menu, select the Use Active Roster option.
  • After the roster is done importing, select a team and click on Starting Point.
  • This should bring up another window where you can select the Fantasy Draft option.
  • Adjust your League Settings to match your preferences, and then click on Start Playing to begin the Fantasy Draft.

You should now be on the clock to select your first-round pick. Just like in real sports, drafts might not always go the way you think, so it’s best to go into this mode with a plan.

How to speed up the drafting process in Madden 24

It is possible to skip ahead to your next pick or skip to the very end of the draft, if you’re pressed for time. To do this, just click on Skip Ahead in the Draft and select either Advance to Next User Pick or Advance to End of Draft.

You’re required to go through this process until you have 53 players on your roster. This is a great opportunity to speed things up, after you’ve acquired all of your favorite NFL stars.

If you choose to skip to the end of your Fantasy Draft, your roster will be filled out automatically. This way you will save a lot of time for faster fantasy drafting.

And that’s how to do a fantasy draft in Madden 24. For more on the NFL simulator, feel free to check out its Steam Deck performance and best settings or how to fix server errors.

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