How to defeat Corrupted Parade Master in Lies of P

How to beat corrupted Parade Master in Lies of P

How to beat corrupted Parade Master in Lies of P

As you travel through the city of Krat, you’ll find all sorts of different monstrosities lurking within. You will be tasked with defeating these enemies, so this guide on how to beat Corrupted Parade Master in Lies of P should help you continue your journey.

Lies of P maintains a good mix of engaging story and satisfying combat. But no matter which aspect of the game you enjoy more, this soulslike based on Pinocchio is sure to throw something your way.

So, let’s figure out how to beat Corrupted Parade Master in Lies of P so that you can experience more of this unique take on a classic fairy tale.

How to defeat Corrupted Parade Master

Defeating the Corrupted Parade Master is a case of focusing on dodging his attacks and going in for quick counter-hits whenever you can. There are two phases to this fight, but the same general strategy applies to both of them.

Phase one

During the first half of the encounter, the Corrupted Parade Master will perform some slow, standard-looking attacks making them easily telegraphed. The key to this part of the fight is to make sure you roll toward the boss as you dodge his attacks.

This will give you more opportunities to land some attacks of your own, especially if you end up behind him. The only time you would want to try rolling away from the boss at this time is when he falls to the ground.

There won’t be any nearby shops when you get to the Corrupted Parade Master so you will have to face him with whatever items you have once you get here. Using any power-ups you may have will make phase one go by pretty fast, but it is still very doable without using anything. Fire seems to be particularly effective against this boss.

Phase two

After reaching the second phase of the fight, Corrupted Parade Master will gain a new attack where he falls to his stomach and starts crawling toward you as he slams the ground with his fists. You’re going to want to keep your distance when he does this.

As the Corrupted Parade Master crawls to you with this attack, count how many times he hits the floor with his fists. After the fourth slam, the boss will slowly start to get up on its legs. This is the time to go in for a flurry of attacks.

You may also notice some adds being spawned during this phase, but they move very slowly. It’s best to just ignore these enemies and focus on the Corrupted Parade Master.

And that’s our guide on how to beat the Corrupted Parade Master in Lies of P. While you’re here, you may also want to check out our guides on Lies of P Trinity doors and how to complete the Julian the Gentleman quest.

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