How to access Searing Gorge in WoW Classic explained

Credit: WoW Classic Database

Credit: WoW Classic Database

If your WoW Classic's character level falls within 40 to 50, it's time to hit the road towards the Searing Gorge. A vast, charred hellscape with a few friendly settlements, this area is perfect for levelling up for your endgame journeys.

The Searing Gorge is a high-level zone in World of Warcraft, and its location falls within the central areas of the Eastern Kingdom. On closer inspection, it falls between The Burning Steppes and the Dun Morogh, the dwarven starting land.

There are many reasons to go over to the Searing Gorge, and each has its unique perks. But before that, we need to figure out how to get there quickly and effortlessly. In this article, we have a few ways that we think are the easiest and quickest routes to the Searing Gorge. Let's check them out.

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wow classic Blackrock Mountain

Method 1: Blackrock Mountain Path

This is also a quick and easy step to head to the Searing Gorge. If you're near the Redridge Mountains, start heading north from there towards the Burning Steppes. Keep following this road until you can move to a western pathway.

For anyone under level 50, carry upgraded weapons, armour, and components to heal you, as many enemies are on that path. As you go through this westbound path, you'll see Blackrock Mountain on the horizon. From here, follow the road to continue straight northwards till you reach the gate and the flight point to Searing Gorge.

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wow classic margol the rager

Method 2: (Only for Alliance) Key to the Searing Forge

This method is only possible for Alliance members. As an alliance player, you can get into Searing Gorge by going through a gate in Loch Modan's Valley of Kings.

And because this gate is locked, you'll have to complete a quest chain, 'Key to the Searing Forge.' Unfortunately, the quest is available from Searing Gorge, hence the need for an Alliance Team.

  • Find Margol the Rager, a stegadon in the southeastern area of Searing Gorge.
  • Defeating him drops the Margol's Horn. This helps start the quest, 'Horn of the Beast.'
  • The reward to this quest is the key to the Searing Forge, which lets you open the gate.
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wow classic badlands

Method 3: Going Through the Badlands

This is, by far, the easier way to get to the Searing Gorge. All you have to do is head to the west borders of the Badlands and locate the entrance to Searing Gorge from here. You can traverse this by foot or by flight points.

The coordinates for this road are 5.82, 60.44. It's a one-step process and takes the least amount of time.

In short, these are the three ways you can get to Searing Gorge in WoW Classic. Try the method best suited for you, and head over there for some fantastic quests, great loots, and some fun overall in-game experiences.

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