How long will AMD's AM5 socket be supported? - AM5 lifetime explained

AMD Ryzen branded chip glowing orange in press image
Credit: AMD

Buying an AM4 or AM5 motherboard is a pretty excellent choice, especially compared to Intel CPUs, thanks to their longevity. AMD's line of Ryzen chips see plenty of successors with each Socket, especially AM4, which has been going strong since 2016. However, all things must come to an end at some point, so how long will AM5 be supported?

If you've been checking out the AM4 vs AM5 guides and have made the jump to the latest Socket, we don't blame you. As someone who personally prefers AMD Ryzen over Intel, I'm glad you're onboard with AM5. However, you may be wondering how long the Socket will last.

How long will AM5 last?

According to an interview with Overclockers UK, VP & GM of AMD, David McAfee, suggests that AM5 will be used through 2025 at the very least, and potentially beyond that.

McAfee cites the success of the AM4 Socket as one of the reasons for keeping AM5 long-term. Despite being almost eight years old, AM4 is still receiving new chips, and since AM5 only released in September 2022, we'd expect it to go past 2025, and potentially have it last until 2030, if it's anything like AM4.

This should be good news for anyone who has spent a lot of money on a new PC build and wondered whether AM5 will be as great as its predecessor. AM5 was introduced alongside the Ryzen 7000 chips, and the Ryzen 8000 CPUs are already set to release in 2024. In fact, AMD is introducing it's Zen 5 architecture with the upcoming CPUs too.

And if you want to keep your budget low, you could always pick up the AMD RX 7600 XT, which comes with 16GB VRAM at a great price. Why not go for an AMD build if you're jumping into AM5?

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