Does House Flipper 2 have co-op multiplayer?

House Flipper 2 co-op multiplayer - house being renovated

The original House Flipper game was quite the sleeper hit, taking a while to reach Twitch and many gamers, but then there was no stopping it. Thus, the sequel takes everything that made the original entertaining and adds new features. Among these, people have been wondering, does House Flipper 2 have co-op multiplayer? Let's dive in.

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But now, let's find out if your friends can join you in co-op multiplayer in House Flipper 2.

Does House Flipper 2 have co-op multiplayer?

Unfortunately, no, House Flipper 2 does not feature any kind of multiplayer modes. Despite some initial rumors to the contrary, the final game only allows one single player to exist in each house and work on it.

This might come as quite surprising news for fans, since multiplayer has been rumoured since the initial game and many expected the developers to add it. Still, no hope is lost, the devs have never confirmed that multiplayer is something they're not interested in. We believe it might be coming, at least in some form, to House Flipper 2.

At the time of writing, the one thing you are able to do is share the house you've created, via a mod released on Perhaps, fans will also work on some more content that will allow some form of multiplayer, perhaps in being able to work on the same mission inside a house. We will update this guide, in case we receive interesting information on the topic.

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