Horizon Forbidden West PC - everything you need to know

Aloy from Horizon Forbidden West standing central with her bow
Credit: PlayStation

Aloy from Horizon Forbidden West standing central with her bow
Credit: PlayStation

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PC users, get ready for Horizon Forbidden West and the DLC Burning Shores because it’s set to release very soon. The PC gameplay has new features to make the game more enjoyable for you, despite Horizon Forbidden West first releasing on PS4 and PS5. It was first launched on 18th February 2022 as a PlayStation exclusive.

However, the Horizon games are no stranger to the PC world. Horizon Zero Dawn was released to PC in August 2020 and had a very successful launch. Are you looking for a head start? Make sure you’re ready to battle the world with Aloy when the game finally releases on PC.

Horizon Forbidden West PC release date

Horizon Forbidden West and the expansion Burning Shores is set to release on March 21, 2024. The Complete Edition is ready to pre-order on the Epic Games Store and Steam for $59.99/£49.99.

PC gamers have only had to wait just over two years for this PlayStation exclusive to hit their screens. If you pre-order Horizon Forbidden West for PC this package includes a Blacktide Dye Outfit and a Blacktide Sharpshot Bow.

Horizon Forbidden West PC gameplay

Looking for a more enjoyable gaming experience alongside Aloy? The new features for Horizon Forbidden West on PC include unlocked frame rates, customizable graphics, DLSS 3 and Intel XeSS - and thanks to DirectStorage, there are quick loading times for your PC.

Check out the trailer for the PC version of the game below:

Horizon Forbidden West story

This action role-playing game allows you to play as Aloy, a hunter in Horizon Forbidden West. Her world is covered in evil robotic animals, and you can even check out all of the enemies in the Horizon Forbidden West machines list here. Aloy is part of the Nora tribe, who is searching for the reason behind the mysterious, dangerous infection that kills everything it infects.

Can you help Aloy uncover all the secrets of this journey and help her restore the balance of the world?

Does Horizon Forbidden West PC include Burning Shores DLC?

If you’re wondering if the PC version of Horizon Forbidden West includes the Burning Shore DLC, yes, the expansion is included. So, you’ll be pleased to know that you can be with Aloy even longer and travel with her to a hazardous volcanic island after you complete the main quest. The Complete Edition of the game includes all existing content from the PS5 version of the game.

Are you ready to enter this world again? We certainly are, especially with all of the upgrades and additional features that this PC port delivers over the game's console version.

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