Horizon Forbidden West PC length - how long to beat

Aloy standing central with a bow in Horizon Forbidden West
Credit: PlayStation

Aloy standing central with a bow in Horizon Forbidden West
Credit: PlayStation

If you’re looking for a game which is a bit longer than your usual and something you want to bite your teeth into, this is the game for you. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something a bit shorter, this might not be the best shout.

Wanting to know more about the gameplay? Check out our guide on the Horizon Forbidden West PC release date, which includes information on the new features for the PC port. You may also want to know about what kind of monsters you will be facing - our Horizon Forbidden West machines list covers all of this for you.

Horizon Forbidden West length

Based on the PS5 version of the game, Horizon Forbidden West will take you around 28-30 hours for you to beat the full Horizon Forbidden West quest list. The 100% completion time will likely take you around 90-100 hours if you’re a completionist.

You’ll find that Guerrilla Games’ other Horizon game, Zero Dawn, is much less time straining, as the main story of Zero Dawn will roughly take you 22 and a half hours to complete, however, for a full completionist run, it’s only 61 hours to get the full 100%. At least, according to How Long to Beat, which tracks game completion times from users.

In comparison to other PlayStation exclusives that are now available on PC, such as God Of War and Spider-Man, you’re looking at spending 17-20 hours to complete the main stories. Horizon Forbidden West, will roughly take you an additional 10 hours to finish.

Of course, this all based on the PlayStation version of the game. However, we can't imagine that the PC port will be any different.

So, as you can see, Horizon Forbidden West is in need of much more time - but with all the twists and adventure, it is worth it!

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