How to fix Honkai Star Rail server distribution error

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Honkai Star Rail server distribution error - picture of Honkai Star Rail characters
Credit: Honkai Star Rail

Encountering the Honkai Star Rail server distribution error can be really annoying.

The error can disrupt your game and might even cause you to lose some potential rewards. Aside from the said error, error codes 1001_1, 1001_2 and 1001_3 are the common issues that are plaguing the fans of the game.

In this article, you'll know how to fix Honkai Star Rail's server distribution error.

What is Honkai Star Rail server distribution error?

Basically, the server distribution error signifies that Honkai Star Rail couldn't establish a connection with the server.

These are some of the common reasons for the server distribution error:

  • Network connectivity issues. Your WiFi or data connection is possibly slow or unstable.
  • Technical issues related to the game client.
  • Ongoing problems within the Honkai Star Rail server.
  • Device problems and app permission issues.

Some players who have encountered Honkai Star Rail server distribution error have also considered the possibility of a server overload. This usually happens after a specific game event that involves tons of awesome rewards. During an event, many players are also expected to spend long hours playing the game.

How to fix Honkai Star Rail server distribution error

Honkai Star Rail server distribution error can be fixed by using some easy online methods.

Check out the following methods to fix the server distribution error:

  • Check your internet connection. Sometimes, the WiFi becomes unstable with little or no warnings. You can try switching to a different connection or even mobile data if you're on playing on a smartphone.
  • If you're playing on a PC, you can turn off V-sync through the Nvidia control panel. V-sync can sometimes mess up with games, especially if the device is low-end. Moreover, V-sync creates mild lag if there's a lot of screen activity going on. However, it's undeniable that V-sync creates deep immersion by minimizing screen tearing!
  • Don't use VPNs. A VPN service can interfere with the communication between your device and the Honkai Star Rail servers.
  • Visit Honkai Star Rail's website and Twitter account to learn more about ongoing updates and maintenance.
  • If you've downloaded Honkai Star Rail from the Epic store, verify the game files from the launcher. This might fix the error and allow the game client to connect to the server.

Aside from the suggestions discussed above, you can try reaching out to Honkai Star Rail community forums. You might even learn possible fixes from other players who have encountered the server distribution error!

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