How to fix Helldivers 2 quickplay not working issue

Helldivers 2 quickplay not working - An image of a character from the game standing with a gun in hand

If quickplay is not working for you in Helldivers 2 and you are receiving a "Failed to join game lobby" error message, know that this is a widespread issue affecting many players. You're not alone in facing this challenge.

For players without friends to play Helldivers 2 with, Quickplay serves as a vital entry point into the game. However, issues with this feature are hindering their ability to join in. Furthermore, the SOS system, which relies on players connecting through quickplay, is also affected, compounding the challenge for solo players seeking to team up.

Fear not, divers. Regardless of your platform - PC, Steam Deck, or PS5 - we've delved into Reddit to find proven solutions. Excitingly, we've discovered a workaround suggested by a player, which we're eager to share with you now. While you are here, check out why Helldivers 2 is too much for your Steam Deck.

How to fix the quickplay not working issue in Helldivers 2

To fix the quickplay not working issue in Helldivers 2, try disabling crossplay and focusing on missions within Automaton-controlled planets. Several Reddit users have successfully used this approach, indicating it might be effective for you as well.

This approach may require several attempts due to a smaller pool of players with crossplay turned off, but it can get you into the game. It's important to note that this solution hasn't worked for everyone, so success is not guaranteed.

The main problem with quickplay in Helldivers 2 is attributed to malfunctioning crossplay features. We hope that the developers will soon release a patch to rectify the issues with crossplay functionalities, effectively resolving quickplay and SOS features.

That covers everything on the quickplay not working issue in Helldivers 2. We hope you found the information useful. Before you go, don't miss our feature on why Helldivers 2 is hailed as the best PC game PlayStation has ever made. It's a read you won't want to skip.

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