How to fix the Helldivers 2 "Lobby is private" error

Helldivers 2 "Lobby is private" error - An image of a Helldiver reloading their gun

Helldivers 2 "Lobby is private" error - An image of a Helldiver reloading their gun

If you can't join friends in Helldivers 2 because of the "Lobby is private" error, there's no need to fret. We've compiled a reliable solution from the Reddit community to effectively address this issue.

This frustrating issue, akin to the quickplay and matchmaking difficulties within the game, can prevent players from joining their friends' lobbies, thus interrupting the cooperative gameplay that is central to the Helldivers experience.

In this guide, we'll walk you through proven workarounds and tips from the player community to ensure you can dive back into the action with your squad without any hitches. But, before that, make sure you are using the best Helldivers 2 PC settings.

How to fix the "Lobby is private" error in Helldivers 2

To fix the "Lobby is private" error in Helldivers 2, have the host start a mission and temporarily set the lobby to "Public" to allow joining. Once joined, the host can switch the lobby settings back to "Private."

Based on numerous reports from Reddit users, this workaround has been successful for those unable to join friends in Helldivers 2. Therefore, it is likely to be effective for you too in case you have failed to join the lobby due to permission issues.

If the problem remains even after trying this method, your username might be the culprit, as suggested by this Reddit user. Steam usernames with special characters or excessive length can lead to issues with friend requests and joining friends.

So, ensure your Steam username only contains normal characters and is between 3 and 16 characters long. For example, "Greg" can be more effective than choosing stylised or excessively long versions such as "ᎶᏒᏋᎶ" or "SuperCitizenGregoryTheThird."

That covers everything about the "Lobby is private" error in Helldivers 2. Hope you found this guide helpful. While you are here, make sure you explore our other helpful guides on the game, including the Helldivers 2 update roadmap and future content.

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