Hearts of Iron 4 Soviet Union guide - How to play as Soviet Union

Hearts of Iron 4 Soviet Union guide - picture of the Communism logo and Russian army
Credit: Paradox

Hearts of Iron 4 Soviet Union guide - picture of the Communism logo and Russian army
Credit: Paradox

Are you looking for a reliable Hearts of Iron 4 Soviet Union guide? Well, you’re in the right place. We’ve compiled the most important Soviet Union tips for HOI 4 so you won’t have a hard time leading the bloated nation to victory.

Even though the Soviet Union is gargantuan in Hearts of Iron 4, it lacks military organisation and firepower. Players have resorted to using HOI 4 console commands just to surpass the difficult starting position of Mother Russia. Some players have also used the best plane designs to gain an upper hand in the game.

So, read and analyse the Hearts of Iron 4 Soviet Union guide that we’ve prepared for you. Also, feel free to bookmark this article so you can study it over and over.

How to play as the Soviet Union?

Playing as the Soviet Union requires the continuous creation of military divisions with the intent of overwhelming enemies. As a commander of the Motherland, you must make sacrifices with economical and political growth to achieve global domination.

Here are some tips on playing as the Soviet Union:

Fully equip all divisions

Training too many poorly equipped divisions will lead your gargantuan nation to defeat. As much as possible, do your best to equip all divisions with the latest equipment.

Don’t forget to research the best modules for only the appropriate year. Researching ahead of time is a dangerous strategy because the process will take longer.

Don’t give up lands carelessly

Sometimes, a strategic retreat is better than trying to attack a well-fortified territory. However, giving up territories can set back your nation drastically. So, think twice before retreating or giving up a territory.

If you’re planning a strategic retreat, make an accounting of a territory’s buildings and infrastructure. Assess the risk-reward ratio of your global domination plan. Perhaps your gambit might allow your nation to earn more territories in a few years.

Follow the path Stalin laid out for you

Stalin may be diabolical but he knows what will happen to the Motherland. Try to end the paranoia system affecting the state, and focus on helping the nationalists. By doing so, you can ensure the long-term economic stability of Russia.

However, the situation might be different in multiplayer. You need to be fast, so make sure that you churn out as many divisions as possible. Also, support your grand plan with lots of civilian factories for non-stop growth.

Follow the tips discussed above to bring the Soviet Union to victory. You can even increase your chances of victory by reading our collection of beginners tips and tricks for Hearts of Iron 4. Plus, don’t forget to check out our navy guide to win battles against Hitler’s deadly U-boats.

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