Hearts of Iron 4 - navy guide

Hearts of Iron 4 navy guide - picture of a naval crew firing a cannon against an enemy ship
Credit: Paradox

Hearts of Iron 4 navy guide - picture of a naval crew firing a cannon against an enemy ship
Credit: Paradox

Are you looking for a reliable Hearts of Iron 4 navy guide? Well, take your time and analyze this short guide. We’ve compiled the latest HOI 4 tips on naval deployment, naval tech, and naval warfare.

If you’re a beginner in Hearts of Iron 4, you should try reading a general guide first. This will familiarize you with the game’s general concepts and mechanics. However, exploring a naval guide isn’t a wrong decision because it will put you ahead of the learning curve.

So, continue reading this Hearts of Iron 4 navy guide before rushing to play your next game. You can even bookmark this guide and use it for reference later.

Hearts of Iron 4 navy guide

Naval warfare is a complicated matter in HOI 4. You don’t just build a fleet and deploy them against your enemies. From ship manufacturing to actual deployment, there are numerous concepts that you have to master.

First, you have to understand that the purpose of the navy is to shatter enemies’ supply lines and protect your own. The navy isn’t a final deciding factor of victory but it is essential for global domination. After all, the nation that controls the seas has a greater chance of winning the war.

Your navy is divided into task forces. Each Admiral can have up to 10 task forces. It’s important to fully utilize all task forces to gain key advantages in the war.

A task force can do the following missions:

  • Patrol: Embark on a routine patrol to scan for enemy ships.
  • Naval Exercise: Train the task force for useful naval xp.
  • Convoy Raid: Specifically target enemy convoys with the chosen task force.
  • Convoy Escort: Escort a convoy and protect it from enemy ships.
  • Lay Mines: Great for sinking unwary enemy ships and also slows them down.
  • Sweep Mines: Remove mines and make sea areas safe.
  • Naval Invasion Support: Send the task force to escort troop transports.
  • Hold: The task force holds the position and can provide shore bombardment against attacked or exposed areas.

Now that you know about the basic task force missions, let’s move on to the topic of best strike fleet composition. In Hearts of Iron 4, you can still rely on a classic 4X strategy known as Deathstacking. Basically, Deathstacking works by putting multiple strong units in a stack or, in HOI 4’s case, a strike fleet.

This fleet composition can make up a winning Deathstack:

  • Strictly 4 Carriers
  • 1 Battleship per Carrier
  • 4 Screening Ship per Ship in the battle line
  • A mix of Heavy Cruisers and Destroyers

Just remember to mix different types of ships in a Deathstack. Don’t go overboard as well, or the stack would consume too much fuel. Always observe the ongoing naval battle so you can make adjustments anytime.

What Doctrines should be used for a naval fleet?

The Doctrine focus depends on the type of navy that you’re aiming for. There are different Doctrines that match your naval management style.

The most well-rounded, beginner-friendly Doctrine is Fleet in Being. This Doctrine grants strong bonuses for dedicated strike fleets, and it is also useful against enemy submarines.

On the other hand, Trade Interdiction is the best choice if you don’t have lots of ships. For this Doctrine, you have to rely mostly on submarines. It’s only great for the short-term because you still have to build a formidable navy later.

The Base Strike Doctrine is a great option if you only plan to use Carriers supported by small ships. With this Doctrine, you’ll have a better chance of dominating the seas, but you still have to watch out for deadly submarines (U-boats, specifically).

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