Hearts of Iron 4 - Beginners tips and tricks

Beginners tips and tricks for Hearts of Iron 4 - picture of troops clashing in an open field
Credit: Paradox

Beginners tips and tricks for Hearts of Iron 4 - picture of troops clashing in an open field
Credit: Paradox

Recently, players have been inquiring about the beginners tips and tricks for Hearts of Iron 4. This clearly indicates the growing popularity of Paradox Studios’ epic military simulation game.

It’s not easy to condense all of the tips for HOI 4 because of the game’s complexity. Some of the tips might work now, while others won’t work because of game updates. Still, beginners can follow basic strategies on fielding their armies and managing their empires.

In this guide, we will cover the most important beginners tips and tricks for Hearts of Iron 4. We’ll also update this article constantly as the game gets new patches over time.

What are the beginners tips and tricks for Hearts of Iron 4?

We have gathered all the most useful tips and tricks for Hearts of Iron 4. These tips and tricks involve proper resource management, battle plan priorities, industry strategies, and even effective naval deployment methods.

Here are some beginner tips for Hearts of Iron 4:

Establish strong air support

You should never neglect air support, particularly Close Air Support (CAS). A CAS operation can mean the difference between victory and defeat because it can provide extra firepower for your troops and tanks.

In order to have a formidable CAS, you must build a large squadron of fighters. You must also have multiple radar stations positioned in different strategic locations.

Mind the coasts

A strong coastal defence can prevent a beachhead or a naval invasion. Obviously, you don’t have to worry about this if you start in a landlocked nation.

To have a strong coastal defence, you must build lots of forts. Make sure that you garrison some troops on these forts to boost the coastal defence. Whenever an invasion takes place, send your CAS squadrons to assist the defenders.

Invest in production technology

While logistics win wars, production technology makes your empire thrive. Maximise your nation’s research slots to unlock powerful tech faster than your enemies.

Additionally, you shouldn’t neglect industrial technology so that your nation can field many war machines every month. Just remember that some nations can tech up faster compared to others.

Build a competent intelligence network

Building a strong intelligence network will make your nation powerful in times of war. You shouldn’t just pick any type of Intelligence Agency for your nation. Analyse your nation’s strengths and weaknesses before choosing an intelligence branch to focus on.

One advantage of a strong Intelligence Agency is having a strong resistance against partisans and other dangerous elements. After all, keeping a territory is almost as difficult as taking it.

Train hard to win battles

Constant training is one of the best ways to stay ahead of your enemies. Always invest in continuous infantry and artillery training because you can never truly know how strong enemy nations can be.

You must also upgrade tanks as often as possible because they are responsible for creating and maintaining spearheads. Roughly, you have less than five years before total chaos breaks out all over the world.

Master the art of terrain warfare

If you’re serious about playing Hearts of Iron 4, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of terrain. A large military division can be defeated by a smaller force entrenched in a high vantage point.

Knowing the terrain of battle theatres will give you a clear advantage over your enemies. Always prioritise modules upgrades and modules that will give powerful benefits to your military divisions.

Make sure that you practise the HOI 4 tips that we’ve discussed above. At least, you’ll be prepared before the HOI 4 Arms of Tyranny global release. And don’t forget to check out these best CPU deals so you can find one to play HOI 4 with!

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