All Granblue Fantasy: Relink demo rewards

Credit: Steam

Credit: Steam

After the release of the free Granblue Fantasy: Relink demo on the PS4 and PS5 on January 12, 2024, its developers are not yet done rewarding its dedicated player base.

And if you've completed playing through the Story and Quest previews, you're now eligible for some fantastic demo rewards.

That's not all, as the rewards also transfer to the full game after its February 1, 2024 release. Here's the complete list of the rewards below, alongside their requirements.

So let's check out these rewards from Granblue Fantasy: Relink from your progress in the free demo.

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Granblue Fantasy Relink Free Demo

The following are all the rewards you receive from the Granblue Fantasy: Relink free demo:

  • Potion Hoarder II Sigil
  • Three Fortitude Crystal (S)
  • Health I
  • Attack Power II

While the rewards are modest at best, they are impactful towards enhancing your character's power. Now, each of these rewards is available as you progress in the story. For example:

- After you defeat Greatshield Madbeat, the Story Mode boss, you receive the Potion Hoarder II Sigil.

- Upon completing the side quest, Bash the Goblin Hoardes, you get the Three Fortitude Crystal (S)

- The Health I reward is available after completing the side quest, Worried about Papa

- Completing the Golemology 101: Desert Golems side quest, you get the Attack Power II as a reward.

Since these rewards are nothing different from the regular item drops from the full game, there's no need to complete the demo just for the rewards. However, given the exciting first-hand gameplay, combats, and overall immersive experience, the Granblue Fantasy: Relink free demo is a must-try!

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Granblue Fantasy Relink Demo Story Mode

The upcoming Granblue Fantasy: Relink now has a free demo for all to try, and it's jam-packed with exciting adventures.

There are different game modes.

  • Story Mode
  • Quest Mode
  • Tutorial Mode

There is the Story Mode, where you can experience a small portion of the main story. As for the Quest mode, you can sample out three different quests to have a better feel of the overall game.

You can play these quests solo or co-op with your friends and other online players. In the quest mode, you can choose from 11 different characters to play as. And if you want to ace the controls fast, the Tutorial Mode can help you understand the basics in no time.

If you complete the quest in the Quest Mode or the Story Mode, you're eligible for the rewards unlocking in the full game after its release. Of course, make sure the data stays saved on your console for the progress to transfer over successfully.

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