Follow request threads - how to befriend people?

Follow request threads - picture of two smartphones with Meta and Twitter logos

Follow request threads - picture of two smartphones with Meta and Twitter logos

Recently, many users became confused on how to follow request threads and make new friends on Threads. If you're one of these confused users, then you're in the right place. We'll show you how to add friends on Threads.

Also, users have also encountered errors about Instagram Threads not working. This problem worsened the confusion of many people regarding Threads and Follow Requests.

Read further to learn how to follow request threads and add people!

How to follow request Threads and friend people?

A simple Follow Request works in the same way as Instagram. Once you've received a request, you'll see it in your profile dashboard.

Here's how you can send a follow request on Threads:

  • View the profile of the person that you want to add.
  • Send a Follow Request and wait for approval.
  • Once approved, you can now view the person's profile and Threads content. They can view your profile and content as well.

If you're new in Threads, you might also notice a lot of notifications and follow requests. These requests are common because many users are trying out Threads every day. The more followers you have on Instagram, the more requests you can get on Threads.

Who can see your post on Threads?

Your visibility on Threads depends on your privacy settings. Basically, other users can only see your profile if you've accepted their Follow Requests. This is similar to the 'locked profile' mechanism of Twitter where people with locked profiles won't be viewable by others. Think of it as a mutual agreement to view each others' accounts.

You will also get automatic Follow Requests from your followers in Instagram. This doesn't mean that the followers can see your profile immediately.

Lots of users became confused about the Follow Request system of Threads. Some people think that the system is intrusive, while others believe that it can make networking easier.

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