FIFA 23 keeps crashing on PS5 - how to fix game crashing issue

fifa 23 ps5 keeps crashing
Credit: EA

fifa 23 ps5 keeps crashing
Credit: EA

EA’s FIFA 23 PS5 keeps crashing after the latest update, angering many gamers who just want to play some football. It’s always annoying when a game ends up crashing a lot, especially if it comes after an update, rather than before one.

While this is an issue that can happen with an online-centric video game, it’s still something that shouldn’t be so rampant. These sports titles are supposed to be of some quality, given all of the money EA puts into each instalment, so this is strange to see.

So, how do we stop FIFA 23 PS5 from crashing all the time? Is there a permanent solution to all of this chaos? We have a couple of solutions that are worth reading about.

Reduce your PS5 friends list

Yes, apparently, having too many friends is causing FIFA 23 PS5 to crash. That’s the official reason EA has given anyway, though they are still looking to patch up the issue. It’s one of the weirder video game issues we’ve seen since this hasn’t really affected other games before.

Players willing to lose some friends so that they can play FIFA again should do the following:

  • Open the chosen friend’s profile
  • Select “friend”
  • Pick “remove as friend”

This might sound cruel and unusual because it is, but that is literally the solution EA are providing right now until a patch comes. It is somewhat amusing to see a company that once hated single-player games announce this but that’s not enough to solve this issue, obviously.

Turn your PS5 on in Safe Mode

Although not directed by EA, some fans said playing FIFA 23 PS5 on Safe Mode reduces the crashing. That might sound like a stretch but gamers are very desperate for answers right now and this is one of those until a proper patch is released.

Here’s how to use the PS5 on Safe Mode:

  • Turn off your console
  • Turn it on again but keep holding the power button until you hear two beeps
  • Your PS5 should now be in Safe Mode

While this is a solution some gamers have used, it doesn’t seem to have the same impact as deleting people from your friends list. EA is recommending that option but if it doesn’t work, consider turning it on with Safe Mode.

That’s all we know about FIFA 23 PS5 crashing and how to solve it. In the meantime, players can also learn how to fix other common FIFA 23 issues such as the memory dump error or the SSL connect error.

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