Best Factorio mods

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If you love addictive resource management simulators, then Factorio is the game for you. While its unmodded state has a multitude of activities that keep you involved, using the best Factorio mods can completely transform your game.

Thanks to the active veterans of Factorio, this resource collection and processing game has some of the best mods from the community. While a few of these help with assembling materials more efficiently, other mods make combats more appealing. So, here are some of the best Factorio mods which portray the love and devotion of ardent players of this game. Let's begin!

1. Jetpack

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factorio mod jetpack

Fast travel is one of the basic requirements of a game. Hence, the Jetpack mod for Factorio! With this mod, you can build your jetpack to travel all around the map at high speeds. Doing so helps to scout around for crucial materials faster sans any issues. But that's not all, as with this craftable jetpack, you can also fly seamlessly over tall buildings and water bodies.

One of the other perks of the Jetpack mod is that it has 4 levels of upgradation, such as increasing armour and raising speed. Now, a crucial thing to remember while using this jetpack is to stock rocket fuel in your storage. It comes in handy in keeping the jetpack afloat and saves you from the risks of running out.

If the Jetpack mod intrigues you, it's available to download here for all players. Install it today and fly over every obstacle on your way!

2. Squeak Through

Factorio squeak through mod
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Credit: Gamepur
squeak through mod for Factorio

With the sheer number of buildings and machinary in Factorio, it's difficult to roam around freely. For example, some nearby places are only approachable if you take a roundabout route to get there.

Thankfully, the Squeak Through mod helps to remove such inconveniences. This mod lets players squeeze through tightly placed buildings and roam around the map without limiting their movements.

The mod makes player movements more fluid by slightly reducing the structures' collision boxes in your base. By doing so, Squeak Through makes your factory more explorable. These structures include solar panels, steam engines, and pipes. etc.

While this is a minute change in Factorio, it helps to walk around and reach places faster than the base game allows. Click here to install this mod for Factorio today!

3. Even Distribution

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Credit: Factorio Forums
Factorio mod Even Distribution

One of the most frustrating parts of playing Factorio in default is the uneven distribution of resources. It takes a very long to select all the buildings and manually assign and distribute them evenly.

So, why go for this tedious method when you can use the Even Distributor mod for Factorio? This mod is perfect for the management and maintenance of all resources and helps distribute the items evenly among all containers.

The Even Distributor mod ensures that you have no container or machine left behind with fewer resources. After installing the mod, hold the CTRL key and drag the cursor over the buildings. Next, watch as the mod dispenses the resources evenly across the selected buildings.

Not to forget, this mod also adds a resourceful Inventory Cleanup hotkey. Use SHIFT+C and distribute all unrequired items in your inventory to machines nearby.

Once you install Even Distribution, it's impossible to want to play without it. So click here and download it today!

4. Helmod: Factory Planning Assistant

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Helmod mod for Factorio

If this is your first management simulation game, you might find a multitude of tasks and constant track progression overwhelming. But worry not, as the Helmod mod for Factorio is a nifty virtual assistant to help you through.

There are many things to remember for building and running vast industries within your realm. Thankfully, Relmod mod tracks progress and metrics and plans future factory builds. Additionally, this virtual assistant also reminds and alerts players of any urgent requirements within the game.

But that's not all, as the Helmod mod can also calculate all products, machines, crucial ingredients, beacons and modules required to run the game. On top of these, it also tracks overall power consumption and production, keeping you stress-free while you enjoy Factorio.

Now, remember that data calculation happens at time intervals starting from 1 second to over an hour. It's also compatible with the multiplayer mod, as well as other active mods. While this mod won't fix your displays, it will steer your resource allocation and usage in the right direction.

Love what the mod has to offer? Click here to check out the Helmod and install it today to improve your in-game resource management tracking and progress.

5. Bullet Trail

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Bullet Trail mod for Factorio

Combat isn't crucial in Factorio. But it never hurts to stay extra-prepared for enemies. The alien planets' fauna can destroy everything you've built from scratch. Hence, use the Bullet Trails mod to keep such risks at bay!

When your factory is working at optimum efficiency, it's bound to release pollutants that attract local wildlife. These species are against machinations and will try to attack whatever is polluting their environment.

In such moments, the Bullet Trails mod enhances the visual appeal of the weaponry and makes the war look more intense than before. With this mod, you can add trails of bullets to a weapon of your choice. It can be regular guns, vehicle-mounted guns, gun turrets, etc.

While the concept of waging war against the natural wildlife of an inhabited area might sound gruesome, it's the only way to keep your machinery intact. All in all, these are available for all machine-gun-esque bullets for that custom bullet trail effect. As a graphical enhancement mod, the Bullet Trail is perfect for adding an extra dose of immersive gameplay within the factory.

So, if this type of graphical aesthetic you want to be added to your game, click on this link and install the Bullet Trails mod today!

In short, these are some of the best Factorio mods to enhance your gameplay. While some help with resource maintenance and distribution, other mods are a great fit to improve your mobility throughout the map and even add visual perks to the game.

So try out these mods today and watch your Factorio experience perk up!

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