Escape from Tarkov Delivery from the Past quest walkthrough

Escape from Tarkov Delivery from the Past - soldier holding a rifle and pointing finger

Escape from Tarkov Delivery from the Past - soldier holding a rifle and pointing finger

Among the many quests in Escape from Tarkov, there is one which many gamers are having some trouble with. But do not worry, as we are here to help, with our Escape from Tarkov Delivery from the Past quest walkthrough. Let's finish this quest.

The game has had players wondering about its unique Halloween event, along with the best settings to play it. We have guides to help you with that.

But for now let's dive in and check out how to finish the Delivery from the Past quest once and for all.

How to complete the Delivery from the Past quest

Our objectives in Delivery From the Past are:

  • Obtain the secure folder in the Tarcone Director's office at the Customs terminal warehouse
  • Stash the package in the Factory break room
  • Survive and extract from Factory

Head first to Customs, but be sure to clear the enemies around you as much as possible, otherwise they might sneak up on you while you are busy completing the mission. Now enter the warehouse and be sure to go up the first floor to search file cabinets, search all four drawers in any of those cabinets as well.

Once you've found the key, head to the big red building that you will find to the west side of Customs. Enter, head up the stairs and use the key to unlock the door, head into the first door and collect some rewards such as magazines, weapons etc.

The second door will have to be breached, as it can't be opened. Careful because that sound will alert any enemies around you, so that's why it is important to try and deal with them before you go in. The folder you will find in the desk in a little gap on the left, just below.

Now that you grabbed the secure folder, it is time to head to the factory. That can be a dangerous place, so it might be a good idea to first explore offline. What you need to do is to plant the item there for ten seconds, be sure to crouch while doing it because enemies will be shooting from the windows. If you die after planting it, it is not a problem, but before then you have to do it over again.

That's all you need to know about completing the Delivery from the Past in Escape from Tarkov. For more tips and tricks on the game, check out how to complete the audit quest.

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