Best Escape from Tarkov settings

Masked Escape from Tarkov character

Masked Escape from Tarkov character

Looking for the best Escape from Tarkov settings to get the most out of the first-person shooter? We’ve got you covered.

Escape from Tarkov is a multiplayer first-person shooter and survival game where players can join raids as the battle between two private military companies unfolds. As you fight for survival against other players, you can take on several tasks such as the Audit quest on the Streets of Tarkov map.

It’s important to ensure a stable gaming experience for this tactical shooter since dying during a raid will cost you all of your equipment. With that said, let’s take a look at the best Escape from Tarkov settings.

Desolate street in Escape from Tarkov
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Best Escape from Tarkov graphics settings

Losing all your gear by dying in a raid is a devastating blow to your progress. To help avoid that, try using these settings for smooth gameplay without your visuals taking too much of a hit in the hardcore shooter, Escape from Tarkov.

  • Screen Resolution: Your monitor’s native resolution
  • Screen Mode: Full Screen
  • VSync: Enabled, but have it disabled on your GPU settings
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Overall Graphics Quality: Custom
  • Texture Quality: High
  • Shadows Quality: Low
  • Object LOD Quality: 2
  • Overall visibility: 1000
  • Shadow Visibility: 30
  • Antialiasing: TAA High
  • Resampling: 1x
  • SSR: Off
  • Anisotropic Filtering: per texture
  • NVIDIA Reflex Low-Latency: On + Boost
  • Lobby FPS Limit: 60
  • Game FPS Limit: 0
  • Grass Shadows: Off
  • Noise: Off
  • Chrom Aberrations: Off
  • Z-Blur: Off

Of course, you’re free to go in and make changes to any of these settings as you see fit. The best results in terms of gameplay will depend largely on personal preference and the hardware you are using. Just make sure you are comfortable with your PC’s performance while playing Escape from Tarkov before joining any raids.

That wraps up our guide for the Best Escape from Tarkov settings. In case you run into any problems with the game, we’ve got guides on how to deal with issues such as Error 232 and Error 208.

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