Where to find Carpenter in Enshrouded

Enshrouded Carpenter on pale green background
Credit: Screengrab via Inflexion Games

Enshrouded Carpenter on pale green background
Credit: Screengrab via Inflexion Games

The Nightingale Carpenter is a must-have NPC for players who want to get the best out of the game. Its main functions include providing the players with furniture for their bases.

However, the Carpenter can perform various other tasks, including crafting tools and torches. Additionally, it’s also used to upgrade multiple items in the game.

Acquiring the Carpenter for your base is a difficult task, though. Mainly because its location is in the centre of the Shroud, and apart from having to fight off multiple creeps and critters, players also have the Shroud timer to take care of. Keep reading to learn how to rescue the Carpenter and use him for various tasks effortlessly.

How to get Nightingale Carpenter

As mentioned, the Carpenter is at a tricky location, crawling with various critters and bugs that’ll significantly reduce your HP with a few hits. Hence, knowing what to bring along will make the quest stress-free.

  • Regarding weaponry, players should mainly have long-range weapons because they’ll encounter creatures hovering and striking you with their best.
  • Having a melee weapon is also essential to fight off creatures in one-to-one combat.
  • A torch will lighten up the dark places during the quest.
  • Lastly, if you have access to portions that help increase the Shroud timer, it's vital to bring one of them along.
  • Now that the basic build is created, it’s time to locate the Carpenter and complete the quest to finally unlock him for your base.

Where is the Carpenter Located in Enshrouded?

ancient vault-carpenter location enshrouded
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The Carpenter’s location becomes revealed to the players when they get a quest, Carpentry Assistance, from the Alchemist. Once the quest begins, the Carpenter’s location becomes marked on the players’ in-game map.

This location can be identified through a white icon on your map's southeastern point.

Here, players can use either of the two passages listed below to reach this location:

  • Fast travelling from the Ancient Spire.
  • Proceeding through the left route towards the Saline Quarry from their base.

Whichever path you choose, your final destination should be the town of Morwenna. Here, you will require a pickaxe for the tasks that lie ahead. Once players reach Morwenna, they must continue heading east to finally get to the Ancient Vault, where the Carpenter will be.

During their passage, they’ll encounter a few enemies that can be easily handled with a melee weapon. However, upon entrance into the Shroud, you’ll be exposed to critters and bugs that’ll continue to appear until you rescue the Carpenter.

You’ll also have to face off against creatures that’ll hover. Hence, ensure haste when eliminating them with your long-range weaponry. After eliminating all the monsters in the Shroud, you can locate a grate near a stone wall. Climb it and follow the passage until you come across a wall.

Use your melee weapon, a bomb, or a pickaxe to demolish or break small holes into the wall. Upon entrance, players will be able to spot a room that’s guarded by a mage. This mage can also hover, so the ranged weapons here would surely come in handy.

Once you’ve defeated the final line of defence, you can locate a pod that the Mage was guarding on the southern side of the room. Here, you’ll find the Carpenter’s Capsule, marking the completion of the quest.

The Carpenter is located at a tricky location in the Shroud, inside an Ancient Vault protected by a Mage. Hence, completing this quest effortlessly requires a long-range build and the right accessories. In case you don't have enough supplies/weapons, taking a look at Longkeep Chest Locations might come in handy.

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