How to get upgraded Glider in Enshrouded

a character gliding in shroud in enshrouded

a character gliding in shroud in enshrouded

Are you looking for a fantastic survival experience? Look no further, as Enshrouded has vowed to provide the best one. This game offers unique gameplay that keeps you on your toes and challenges you to step outside your comfort zone. This includes fighting enemies, hunting for resources, and crafting all the necessary items for survival.

One such craftable resource is the Glider. It's an equipable in-game item that allows players to fly around the biomes in Enshrouded. While the Glider is fun to use and cuts the legwork out of the equation, it is not as efficient as the Upgraded Glider.

As the name implies, the upgraded Glider is a much-refined version of the basic Glider. Nevertheless, to unlock the upgraded version, players must complete a set of challenges, which includes completing a few quests and gathering some materials. This guide explains all the steps needed to get the Advanced Glider.

How to get Enshrouded upgraded glider

While the starting Glider provides a taste of aerial freedom, it has some limitations as you explore the game. Once you've unlocked the upgraded version, you will be able to take your gliding game to the next level. Not only will it allow you to glide in the Shrouded area, but it will also save your stamina. Here are all the secrets unveiled to unlocking this amazing flying machine.

Befriend the Carpenter

The first step to getting the Upgraded Glider is to befriend the Carpenter. However, before you can access and take his services, you'll have to Awaken the Carpenter from his ancient vault which requires you to step into the shroud and face various enemies of different levels. Completing the quests given by him will unlock new crafting options, including one for crafting the Advanced Glider.

Gather the materials

Once you've completed the first step, you must gather the necessary materials for the upgraded Glider. All of these materials are pretty easy to obtain. Here are all the resources you will need to craft it:

  • Shroud Wood: You can get it by chopping down the trees in the Shroud. However, unlike normal trees, these are hard to cut down, so an upgraded axe will come in handy.
  • Linen: it is crafted from Flax, which is found in abundance in the forest located near Revelwood. Using a Hand Spindle, you can transform Flax into Linen.
  • String: It is a readily available resource in the game and can also be crafted from Plant Fiber. You can also find this in various chests that you might come across while exploring the map.
  • Shroud Sack: This rare material can be obtained from spores located in the shrouded zones. Taking them down can take a lot of time and effort, so keep an eye on the timer.

Crafting the Glider

When you've finally managed to collect all the materials, access the Carpenter's crafting menu and select the option to upgrade the Glider, the Glider will then be added to your inventory and you'll be able to use it instantly.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you in upgrading your glider. If you haven't upgraded your Grappling Hook yet, reading How to craft the Grappling Hook might be of some help.

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