Enshrouded Longkeep chest locations

Enshrouded Longkeep chest
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Wondering where to find every Enshrouded Longkeep chest? Enshrouded is a popular role-playing game that features a vast open world full of secrets, quests, and loot. One of the locations that players can explore is Longkeep, a town that has been shrouded by a mysterious dark force.

Longkeep is home to eight chests that contain valuable items, such as weapons, armour, potions, and gold. However, finding these chests is not easy, as some of them are hidden in secret passages, basements, or shrouded areas. Therefore, we will guide you through the chest locations in Longkeep and its surrounding area.

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Where is Longkeep in Enshrouded?

Longkeep location in Enshrouded
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Enshrouded Longkeep town is an abandoned town located in Enshrouded. It is located outside the Shroud cave and has a fair amount of loot that players can collect to help them survive.

Longkeep is the first town players will encounter after exiting the Cinder Vault, and it is where players can find items they need to get started, such as twigs, string, stone, animal fur, and wood. Longkeep is also where players can find water from the well, and it is recommended as the location for players' first Flame Altar base in Enshrouded.

All chest locations in Enshrouded Longkeep

Enshrouded Longkeep chest markers
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In Enshrouded, chests boast a variety of items, including beginner equipment, potions, food, materials for crafting, gear pieces, and other valuable supplies. There are different types of chests, such as Wooden and Silver Chests, which can be found in various locations throughout the game world, including Longkeep.

Additionally, players can create their own chests for storage as they progress in the game. The items found in chests can be essential for looting, crafting, and surviving in the game.

Here's a table that summarises the location of every chest in the Longkeep town:

Chest #1
Just inside the cave, behind a barred wooden door in the first chamber.
Chest #2
Inside a small stone building near the archery range, guarded by an enemy.
Chest #3
To the left of the building is a buried chest that can be exposed by explosive barrels.
Chest #4
Inside the Cave Passage, in the cavern with the glowing blue crystals.
Chest #5
Inside a tent at the small camp just before Braelyn Bridge (near the Captain's Journal Lore Page).
Chest #6
Inside the stone tower sticking out of the shroud. You will be out of the shroud while looting. Opening on the backside of the tower/hill; can glide down to from starter base.
Chest #7
Just over the eastern side of Braelyn Bridge, underneath the balance beam section (between the two grapple points).
Chest #8
Just inside the cave, behind a barred wooden door in the first chamber

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