How to increase Enshrouded Flame level

Upgrading Enshrouded Flame Level

Upgrading Enshrouded Flame Level

Looking to increase your Flame Level in Enshrouded? The world of Enshrouded is hostile to human life, and you need to manage your Flame level to survive. Your Flame level is a measure of your character's vitality and connection to the Flame Altar, a sacred structure that serves as your base of operations.

Your Flame level affects your character's attributes, such as health, stamina, and damage, as well as your ability to explore the Shroud. The higher your Flame level, the longer you can stay in the Shroud, the more areas you can access, and the stronger you become. Therefore, here's a detailed guide on how to increase the Flame Level in Enshrouded and become stronger.

Best way to raise your Enshrouded Flame Level

Enshrouded Flame Altar
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To increase your Flame level, you need to collect various resources and bring them to your Flame Altar. You can interact with the Flame Altar and choose the option "Strengthen the Flame" to see what resources you need for each level.

You can also upgrade your Flame Altar to expand your building area by spending Shroud Cores, which are rare items that drop from powerful enemies.

The resources you need to increase your Flame level vary depending on the level. You can find them by exploring the Shroud, hunting animals, harvesting plants, mining ores, and looting chests.

Some of the resources are more common than others, and some are only available in certain areas of the Shroud. You also need to defeat certain bosses to obtain their heads, which are required for higher Flame levels.

All Flame levels resources in Enshrouded

Here's a detailed breakdown of the resources you will need to farm for each Flame level:

  • Flame Level 2:
    • 1 Fell Thunderbrute Head
    • 1 Shroud Liquid
    • 1 Spark
    • 5 Animal Fur
    • 5 Bones
    • 5 Red Mushroom
    • 5 Resin
  • Flame Level 3:
    • 1 Scavenger Matron Head
    • 10 Charcoal
    • 10 Flintstone
    • 10 Salt
    • 10 Shroud Wood
    • 10 Wax
  • Flame Level 4:
    • 1 Fell Wispwyvern Head
    • 15 Amber
    • 15 Copper Ore
    • 15 Goo
    • 15 Indigo Plant
    • 15 Mycelium
  • Flame Level 5:
    • 1 Fell Monstrosity Head
    • 20 Ammonia Gland
    • 20 Fossilized Bone
    • 20 Mint Mushroom Meat
    • 20 Rooibos
    • 20 Tin Ore
  • Flame Level 6:
  • 1 Fell Sicklescythe Head
  • 40 Iron Ore
  • 40 Lapislazuli
  • 40 Saffron
  • 40 Sulfur
  • 40 Yucca Fruit

The benefits of increasing your Flame level are significant. You can activate more structures around your Flame Altar, such as crafting stations, storage boxes, and defensive turrets.

You can also unlock new Shroud Passages, which are portals that lead to different regions of the Shroud, each with its own environment, enemies, and resources. You can also boost your character's attributes, making you more resilient and effective in combat.

That concludes our guide on the Enshrouded Flame level. For more guides on this game, make sure to check out how Enshrouded Skills work. Also, here's the complete Enshrouded class list.

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