Is Dune Awakening coming to Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One?

Dune Awakening player standing in front of monster in background
Credit: Funcom

Dune Awakening player standing in front of monster in background
Credit: Funcom

Wanting to get your hands on a copy of Dune Awakening? Stay tuned to see if this massive MMO survival game will be available for you to play on Xbox.

Developed by Funcom - who are also the developers of the massive and viral hit game Conan Exiles and co-developed in partnership with Nukklear GmbH, Dune Awakening is set to release sometime soon (but we hope it’s coming in 2024) - here’s all we know of the Dune Awakening release date.

This upcoming, hyped-up game that everyone is talking about sets you on the world of Arrakis, with the scorching days to survive and avoid those big old Sandworms, Dune Awakening will surely test all of your abilities.

Is Dune Awakening coming to Xbox?

Dune Awakening will be coming to Xbox Series X|S, so be sure you’re ready to enter this dangerous universe. However, we’re still waiting for the release date to be confirmed, but the game will likely arrive on Xbox alongside PC when it finally releases. Unfortunately, the game is not coming to Xbox One.

Like many other developers, Funcom is moving away from developing on last-gen consoles, with Dune Awakening only being available on current-gen platforms.

What are the other platforms Dune Awakening will be available on? Dune Awakening is confirmed to also be released on PC and PS5. So, unless you’re on a last-gen console or a Nintendo Switch, you’ll have access to the upcoming MMO.

Funcom has recently given us a glimpse into the desert we’re all so eagerly waiting to be a part of. The trailer was dropped just a few days after Dune: Part Two was released and you can check it out here:

Dune Awakening will allow you to pick between the Arrakis and Harkonnen factions, with a potential third faction coming after the launch. Which one will you decide to join?

With its stunning visuals, we cannot wait to be a part of this MMO world that Dune Awakening is creating for us.

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