Dune Awakening release date estimate, gameplay, and everything we know

Character firing a laser in Dune Awakening Survive Arrakis trailer
Credit: Funcom

Character firing a laser in Dune Awakening Survive Arrakis trailer
Credit: Funcom

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Dune Awakening is on the tip of everyone's tongue, and this new exciting survival game will certainly test all your abilities as you set out for your adventure on Arrakis. Developed by Funcom, and with the first teaser trailer released, it provides us all with a look into the planet of Arrakis and a sneak peek at some gameplay.

Funcom has gone above and beyond to make the visuals for Dune Awakening beautiful, thanks to the Nanite technology in Unreal Engine 5. This MMO game will task you with surviving on the most dangerous planet you will ever experience.

We have all been on the edge of our seats, eagerly waiting since December 2022, when it was first announced at The Game Awards that we will be able to see if we can survive the world of Dune. So, when can you expect to finally play the game?

Dune Awakening release date estimate

Unfortunately, there is no confirmed release date for Dune Awakening at this time, but as soon as we know, we will update this article. However, Dune Awakening will be available to play on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

With Dune Part Two recently hitting the cinematic screens on March 1, 2024, it’s no secret that we all want to enter this universe. Take a look below at the YouTube video to see what will be in store for you in Dune Awakening:

Dune Awakening gameplay

Thinking you can survive the planet of Arrakis (and of course the Sandworms) better than Timothée Chalamet? With the feature of being able to customize your own player, you will be able to explore this threatening planet with the look that you desire.

Dune Awakening also includes PVP and PVE, meaning you will fight against other players and the residents of Arrakis. You’ll also experience base building, allowing you to create your own home away from home. Here, you will have to survive the scorching days, before you move across the planet of Arrakis during the nights in hopes of finding resources.

You’ll come face to face with the Sandworms (unfortunately, you won’t be able to ride them), but these creatures do play a big part in the game. They’re the only creature that can kill you and leave you with no items remaining, so death by Sandworm will reset your hard-earned progress.

During the game, you will be able to use various weapons, and vehicles as well as being able to work with others in this MMO world. There are also two factions at launch, which you can pledge your allegiance to depending on your goals for Arrakis.

Dune Awakening server player count

Bear in mind that nothing is yet finalised, but Dune Awakening is set to have huge servers with potentially thousands of players in each server. Speaking to ScreenRant, the Creative Director for Dune Awakening, Joel Bylos, said “That the eventual server sized goal is thousands of players each”.

This would make for a huge MMO experience that very few other games are capable of. However, the official server player count has yet to be revealed. But, we do hope that Funcom is able to pull this off, as seeing hundreds of Ornithopters blocking out the scorching sun of Arrakis.

Dune Awakening story

What is the inspiration behind Dune Awakening? Well, this MMO is based on the novels by Frank Herbert and, of course, Denis Villeneuve’s multi-award-winning movie Dune, as well as its sequel, Dune: Part Two.

Dune Awakening will likely have quests and missions for you to encounter, like many MMOs available right now, but remember, it is a survival MMO game, so the story will be yours to make.

We can’t wait for Dune Awakening to finally be playable. However, at least we have the Dune movies to keep us entertained for now.

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