Does Steam Deck download in sleep mode?

Does Steam Deck download in sleep mode? - An image of the Steam Deck

Does Steam Deck download in sleep mode? - An image of the Steam Deck

With the increasing size of modern AAA games, many users prefer to initiate downloads, set their console to sleep mode, and carry on with their day. But when it comes to the Steam Deck, is this approach viable? Does Steam Deck download in sleep mode?

Automatic downloads during sleep mode have become a standard feature across modern gaming consoles. Xbox allows you to download games in sleep mode. PS4 and PS5 have this feature as well. Even handheld Nintendo Switch supports game downloads in sleep mode. But does the Valve’s handheld console support this convenient feature as well?

In this guide, we will delve into this question and provide a comprehensive answer, helping you understand how the Steam Deck manages downloads and sleep mode. But before that check out whether Steam downloads games in sleep mode.

Does Steam Deck download in sleep mode?

The Steam Deck does not download games or updates while in sleep mode. When the device is put into sleep mode, it pauses active processes, including downloads, to save battery life and maintain the current state of the system.

Valve's handheld behaves more like a PC in this aspect. Unlike consoles like Xbox or PlayStation, which can download updates or games while in a low-power "sleep mode," the Steam Deck does not continue downloads when it's put into sleep mode.

In summary, regardless of whether you own a Steam Deck OLED or LCD screen, it needs to remain awake to continue and complete downloads. We hope that Valve will soon add this feature to enhance the functionality of this popular handheld console.

There is a workaround though

Here are some practical strategies to keep your Steam Deck active for downloads while minimizing power usage:

  • Extend inactivity time: Increase the time it takes for the Steam Deck to automatically enter sleep mode due to inactivity. This will allow more time for downloads to complete while the device is awake.
  • Disable sleep while charging: Go into the display settings and disable automatic sleep while the device is charging. This way, when it's plugged in, it won't go into sleep mode automatically, allowing downloads to continue uninterrupted.
  • Reduce screen brightness: Lowering the screen brightness to the minimum will make it seem like the device is in a low-power state (almost as if it's sleeping) while still being active. This helps in saving battery power while the device is not in active use but still downloading.

These adjustments will help you manage downloads effectively while conserving battery life as much as possible. Remember, the key is to prevent the device from entering sleep mode, as downloads pause in this state.

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