Does Payday 3 have VR compatibility?

Does Payday 3 have VR - picture of a man in VR headset posing with the Payday gang
Credit: Starbreeze

Does Payday 3 have VR - picture of a man in VR headset posing with the Payday gang
Credit: Starbreeze

Does Payday 3 have VR? For a long time, this question has been asked by hundreds of Payday fans around the world. Players expect Payday 3 to have VR due to the modern advances in gaming technology. Plus, Payday 3’s game footage looks savvy enough for VR integration.

Aside from VR, players are also curious about Payday 3 system requirements. The curiosity is justified since Payday 3’s VR functionality can be taxing to modern gaming systems.

So, does Payday 3 have VR integration within the game? We’ve put together this guide that compiles everything we know.

Does Payday 3 have VR?

Currently, there’s still no confirmation if Payday 3 will have VR. However, Starbreeze Studios has stated that there will be updates about Payday 3 VR as the game’s release date draws closer.

Players expect that Payday 3’s VR functionality will be twice better than Payday 2. With Payday 2’s VR, players were able to enjoy immersive heists, high-octane getaways, and explosive battles. In this case, Payday 3’s performance level can bring a truly memorable VR experience for everyone.

Payday 3’s VR Mode will possibly have a separate release date from the main game. One reason is that VR has a different system, and it will be more stable with a dedicated server.

What are the advantages of Payday 3 VR?

Payday 3 VR will guarantee an immersive gaming experience. Players would feel that they’re actually in one of the best moments of the game. Breaking the law has never been this real with Payday 3 VR!

  • Check out the possible advantages of Payday 3 VR:
  • Guns and tools will feel real and tactile
  • Breath-taking urban sights
  • Realistic explosions and fires
  • Realistic debris and destruction
  • Dynamic character interaction
  • Excellent sound effects and music
  • Impressive, realistic cutscenes

The advantages can change depending on the quality of Payday 3’s VR Mode. We’ll update this article with VR pros and cons once Payday 3 VR is already out.

Are you now excited about Payday 3 VR? Before worrying about the game’s VR tech, take a look at Payday 3’s controversial always-online feature. And don’t forget to check out other cool games with Day One Game Pass releases!

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