Diablo 4 stuck on loading screen - how to fix infinite loading screen

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diablo 4 stuck on infinite loading screen how to fix
Credit: Activision Blizzard

Fans who got to play Diablo 4 were subjected to getting stuck on a loading screen, which has prevented many from hacking and slashing. That’s a shame, as the beta is seen as a big positive to most who have played it, hence the fear of it coming to the official release.

Unfortunately, like any online game, Diablo 4 may encounter various error codes that can disrupt your gameplay experience. From error code 397500 to error code 34203 to error code 34202, there is a variety of Diablo 4 errors that players might come across.

So, here’s what players need to do if their copy of Diablo 4 is stuck on the loading screen. Infinite loading screens are the worst but there are ways to get through it.

How Diablo 4 gets stuck on infinite loading screen

Even though it sounds easily preventable, Diablo 4 players getting stuck on a loading screen happens quite a bit. Due to the game needing a constant internet connection and managing a good number of players, freezes can get fairly common.

It’s the unfortunate side effect of online-only games, as servers can get filled and make things harder for everyone. We’ve seen this happen before with games like Final Fantasy 14 and that could happen here, given the popularity of Diablo.

Thankfully, there are a couple of solutions players can do when their copy of Diablo 4 gets stuck on a loading screen.

Get out of Diablo 4 infinite loading screen

Players have a decent amount of ways to get out of the Diablo 4 infinite loading screen, assuming they get stuck, to begin with. Since the game’s online-only nature can be a bit unpredictable, there’s a good chance that some players won’t get stuck at all.

Just in case, here are a couple of ways to get out of this game’s infinite loading screens:

  • Restart the game: Sometimes, the simplest way is the best way. Hopefully, players don’t get stuck on the long queues.
  • Repair files: Go to Diablo 4 on Battle.net, go to the gear icon next to “Play,” choose “Scan and Repair.”
  • Check your internet or the game’s server status: It could be a simple internet issue
  • Reinstall Diablo 4: This is as easy as it sounds

That’s how players can currently get out of the Diablo 4 infinite loading screen. Hopefully, the main game doesn’t have too many of these errors, though we doubt that will happen.

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