Diablo 4 Season 3 levelling guide - how to rank up fast

Diablo 4 character
Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Diablo 4 character
Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Whether you're a seasoned player or just started your journey in the game, you should know how to rank up fast in Diablo 4 Season 3. As you embark on this epic journey, the quest for the coveted level 100 beckons.

Fear not, for we've got some tips for you in this Diablo 4 levelling guide. There are many ways to receive experience and level up in Diablo 4, but even the fastest of them require a lot of your time and grind, so get ready to invest a few dozen hours.

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How to level up fast in Diablo 4 Season 3

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Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Below are described the best levelling strategies for each part of the game and the corresponding levels.

Choose the best build for levelling up

In Diablo 4, to level up most effectively, you'll need to use the right character build. This will let you quickly deal with enemies, thus gaining a lot of experience during your progression. To get started, choose the class you like the most, find a build for it, and develop it while playing.

Level 1 to 15

The game on these levels is quite straightforward, and it won't take you much time to level up. Below, are listed the things you should focus on when farming to get level 15 as soon as possible:

  • Claim Renown rewards from all 5 zones.
  • Start completing the Seasonal Quest.
  • Farm Overworld Events and Whispers.

Level 15

At level 15, all classes (except the Necromancer, who gets it at level 25) will unlock the Class Specialization quest. Go ahead and complete this quest, as it will incredibly power up your character and speed up your level grinding.

Level 15 to 48

After you unlock your Class Specialization, continue to farm level in Overworld. Look for Dungeons with Whispers to get XP for dungeons and equipment for Grim Favors, complete side quests, and keep an eye out for Legion Events, as they are one of the best sources of XP. Please keep in mind that you can team up with friends or other players at events to gain bonus experience.

Level 48 to 70

When you reach level 48-50, the Cathedral of Light Capstone dungeon will become available. You will need to complete it to unlock World Tier 3 difficulty. This will make Nightmare Dungeons available for you, which are one of the best sources of experience in the entire game. So farm Nightmare Dungeons and Overworld Events such as Legion Events, Helltides, and World Bosses if you need resources or a break from dungeons, as they are also a good source of experience.

Level 70 to 100

The second Capstone Dungeon, Fallen Temple, will become available at these levels. Complete it to unlock World Tier 4 difficulty, and continue to farm Nightmare Dungeons and attend Overworld Events, especially Helltides.

And that's all we have for now. We hope that the information above will help you get on the right track and quickly increase your level in Diablo 4 Season 3.

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