Diablo 4 error code 395002 - fix “Your account is currently locked" error

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Diablo 4 error code 395002 - fix “Your account is currently locked" error

If you are encountering the Diablo 4 account locked 395002 error, this guide is for you!

Diablo 4 has finally arrived, and players around the world are eager to delve into the dark and immersive world of Sanctuary. However, Diablo 4 errors such as 34203, 397500 and 395002 are disrupting the excitement of diving into the game.

In this article, we will explore the reasons behind Diablo 4 error code 395002 and provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to resolve this issue.

What is Diablo 4 account locked 395002 error?

The Diablo 4 error code 395002 indicates that your account has been temporarily locked. This isn't due to any breach of guidelines on your part; rather, it is a precautionary measure adopted to manage the excessive server traffic.

Diablo 4 has temporary account locks and login queue systems in place to effectively manage and balance server load. The implementation of an account lock mechanism ensures fair accessibility, providing all players with an equitable opportunity to enjoy the game.

This is a common occurrence in online games, especially during their initial release or peak periods of player activity. Remember to stay patient and understanding during periods of high demand.

How to fix Diablo 4 account locked 395002 error

To fix the Diablo 4 account locked 395002 error, a simple trick is to switch between characters (Credit: mtx0). This workaround proved successful during the game's open beta early access phase in March, and is therefore likely to be effective now as well.


It is possible that the lock is implemented at the character ID level, rather than on your overall account. Therefore, consider creating a new character and accessing the game with this newly created profile.

If the aforementioned trick doesn't work, wait a few minutes and try again, as mentioned in the error message. You may be able to get some game time, but there is a chance that you will be booted again to accommodate the high demand and server load.

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