How to Fix the Destiny 2 Nightingale Error Code

A screenshot of Destiny 2 gameplay showing a Hunter firing at two enemy players in the Crucible.
Credit: Bungie

A screenshot of Destiny 2 gameplay showing a Hunter firing at two enemy players in the Crucible.
Credit: Bungie

If you are receiving the Destiny 2 Nightingale error code when launching the game, we've got some fixes that will get you back to fighting the enemies of the Light once more.

If it's not Anteaters, Baboons, Bees, Beagles and Weasels ruining our time in Destiny 2, then it's Nightingale making our lives difficult. This pesky error pops up from time to time and stops many from logging in and getting to the action.

In this article, we will show you how to fix the Nightingale error code in Destiny 2 so you can join your fellow Guardians in no time.

How to Fix the Destiny 2 Nightingale Error Code

To fix the Destiny 2 Nightingale error, clear your cache and restart your system. You can also use a VPN, mobile hotspot, or a different DNS server to connect and log into the game. The Nightingale error appears when your device fails to get the correct configuration files from Bungie servers.

Unlike most error codes in Destiny 2, which often relate to a weak internet connection or Bungie's servers struggling, Nightingale is notoriously harder to fix. Even the in-game error code is hard to understand if you don't know how Bungie's servers function.

Bungie has provided a handful of fixes on its support website to fix the Destiny 2 error code Nightingale, though these often do not resolve the issue for many players:

  • If you're on console, you should first clear your cache by exiting Destiny and shutting down the console. Then, unplug the device from the power supply for at least five minutes before turning it back on, launching Destiny 2, and attempting to reconnect.
  • On PC, you can clear your download cache on Steam and Epic Games, or verify the file integrity of the game.

If these don't work for you, then we recommend trying these slightly more complicated methods of fixing Destiny 2's Nightingale error:

  • Change your DNS settings to Google DNS ( and
  • Use a VPN or mobile hotspot to connect. Bear in mind that using mobile data can incur additional charges.
  • Allow Destiny 2 through your firewall, as this can often cause issues connecting to servers.

Hopefully, one of the suggestions will help you fix the Destiny 2 error code Nightingale. If not, you're going to have to uninstall and reinstall Destiny 2. But in most cases, these tips should fix the issue.

What Is the Destiny 2 Nightingale Error Code?

The Destiny 2 Nightingale error code is the result of network issues. You will encounter the error code when the game tries to connect to the Bungie servers for the first time after an update by sending a request "packet."

If, for some reason, your router or another step along the way fails to reach the game servers, the request times out, and you receive a Nightingale error. This is why clearing your device's cache and restarting it will often fix the issue. And if that doesn't work, using a VPN lets you bypass the error.

So, once you've established a connection with the game servers after fixing the Nightingale error in Destiny 2, you can switch back to your normal setup and everything should work fine. Now, get back out there Guardian, you've got work to do.

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