Dead Island 2 duplication glitch - how to duplicate weapons and make money

Dead Island 2 duplication glitch - how to duplicate weapons

Players have discovered a fascinating Dead Island 2 duplication glitch.

Duplication glitches have become a common occurrence in video games. Not limited to just Dead Island 2, these sorts of beneficial glitches have been found in popular titles such as Valheim, Need for Speed: Unbound and Cyberpunk 2077.

In this article, we'll take a look at how to take advantage of this glitch and multiply your items quickly in Dead Island 2. So, let's get right into it!

How to exploit Dead Island 2 duplication glitch

In the world of video gaming, glitches are often a source of frustration for players. Issues such as the co-op error and other pesky Dead Island 2 errors can disrupt the flow of gameplay and take away from the overall gaming experience.

However, sometimes glitches can also bring unexpected benefits to players. Such is the case with the recently discovered duplication glitch in Dead Island 2. This glitch allows players to dupe inventory and multiply their weapons quickly.

Here are the steps you need to take to take advantage of the Dead Island 2 duplication glitch:

  • First, you need a buddy as this glitch doesn't work when you are playing solo.
  • Once you both are in the game, just fill up your inventory with whatever weapon you want to duplicate.
  • Next, go to the weapons menu and spam-drop everything as fast as you can.
  • While staying in the weapons menu, close the game quickly. If you take too long, it could auto-save. So, do it fast!
  • Now launch the game and load back into the session with your buddy.
  • Your inventory will be filled with weapons you already had, plus the same weapons you dropped on the ground are still going to be there.
  • Sell the weapons for cash. Rinse and repeat!

It is likely that the Dead Island 2 duplication glitch will be fixed by the devs soon. So, it's best to take advantage of this useful glitch while it's possible, as there's no guarantee that it will be around for long.

How does the Dead Island 2 duplication glitch work?

The Dead Island 2 duplication glitch works by taking advantage of the auto-save feature.

Closing the game quickly after spam-dropping the weapons interrupts the auto-save feature, preventing the game from properly saving the changes made to your inventory, resulting in a discrepancy between what is saved in the game state and what was actually dropped.

Reloading the game session with your buddy causes the game to load the previously saved state of your inventory, without accounting for the weapons that were dropped. As a result, the game recognizes the dropped weapons as new instances.

And that covers everything about the Dead Island 2 duplication glitch. Go ahead and try it yourself!

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