DayZ 1.24 update patch notes

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Looking for info on the DayZ 1.24 update patch notes? We’ve got the details you need to prepare for the changes coming to the multiplayer survival game.

DayZ takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where you’ll need to learn how to fend for yourself as the planet is being overrun by zombies. In this hellish nightmare, common items like a wrench or a head torch become extremely valuable assets.

Updates can give you new ways to stay alive in this survival game, so let’s go ahead and dive into the DayZ 1.24 update patch notes.

Hunting with a crossbow in DayZ
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DayZ 1.24 update patch notes

Major patches usually bring about a bunch of significant changes that include fixing issues and adjusting game mechanics. Here are the patch notes for the DayZ 1.24 update.


  • Balancing for tool damage across actions
  • Reduced usability of duct tape for certain items
  • Axes, saws, pickaxes, crowbars, and screwdrivers can now be used to skin animals
  • Food cans can now be opened with a hand saw
  • Improved vehicle stability after server restart
  • The ADA 4x4’s off-road performance is enhanced
  • Item weight is no longer affected by its wetness
  • Transfer of damage from reflectors to surrounding zones on Sarka 120 is reduced
  • You can now dig hidden stashes with a pickaxe
  • Player's maximum energy buffer reduced
  • Lower warning cold state energy penalty reduced
  • Players can now stop a car’s engine without looking at the vehicle
  • Adjusted heat insulation values of clothing items
  • Adjusted maximum wetness level of clothing items
  • Reduced max wetness value on Plate Carrier, Press Vest, and Tactical Vest
  • Heat insulation of clothing now impacted by damage state and wetness
  • Items stored within other items now only get wet when the container is drenched or soaked
  • Automated drying of clothing is now less effective
  • Backpack is now considered for heat comfort, armband removed
  • Character speed now has a larger impact on overall heat comfort


  • Server crash related to actions resolved
  • Server performance weakness when a player is connected now fixed
  • Reconnecting no longer causes gas stove attachments to disappear
  • Characters can now jump and sprint after healing a broken leg in certain scenarios
  • Adjustments to engine damage point from water level on M3S to reduce unnecessary damage
  • Car engines can now be stopped in specific cases
  • No more empty gaps and ghost inventory slots when attaching a barrel or crate to the M3S truck
  • M3S truck window glass no longer turns pristine after destruction
  • Damaged M3S truck wheels now distinguishable from pristine wheels
  • Addressed graphical glitch caused by interacting with M3S truck side plates
  • Fixed issues with unconsciousness state after falling on steep terrain
  • Character customization menu now displays correct buttons
  • Screen no longer gets darker after respawning
  • Players can no longer deploy items on seawater in certain areas
  • Building a territory flag pole now requires the correct number of long wooden sticks
  • Actions for draining and pouring liquids can now be switched while prone
  • Liquid can no longer be poured or drained from closed barrels
  • Food temperature when cooked on direct cooking slots is now stable
  • Exploit for fast cooking with smoking slots now fixed
  • Broken reflectors on Sarka 120 now change texture properly
  • Sarka 120 radiator is now visible without opening the trunk

And that’s all the info we have on the DayZ 1.24 update patch. If you’re looking for something like DayZ to play on mobile, then check out this list of best mobile games like Rust.

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