How to craft flag pole in DayZ

DayZ player holding gun with abandoned buildings in background
Credit: Bohemia Interactive

DayZ player holding gun with abandoned buildings in background
Credit: Bohemia Interactive

Bohemia Interactive's DayZ, an immersive multiplayer survival game, was released in December 2018 after an early access phase spanning five years on Windows. In this guide, we will take you through how to craft a flag pole in DayZ.

Crafting a flag pole in DayZ is a crucial element in establishing a secure base of operations. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, a flag pole serves a functional purpose by anchoring all items in a 60-meter radius, preventing them from disappearing over time.

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How to craft DayZ flag pole

If you want to craft a flag pole in DayZ, you'll need the following materials:

  • Sledgehammer
  • Pickaxe or shovel
  • Hatchet or hammer
  • 10 logs
  • 32 large stones
  • 60 nails
  • 3 short sticks
  • 2 ropes
  • 1 metal wire
  • 1 flag

The item that is rather difficult to find in this list is the flag, which can only be found in specific locations. Here are the places where you have a high chance of finding a flag:

  • Ada 4×4 Wreck
  • Big Office
  • City Hall
  • General Store
  • Pub
  • School
  • Small Office
  • Transit Bus Wreck

Once you've gathered all the resources on the list, you can start building the flag pole by combining 3 short sticks and 1 rope. Holding these items in your hand, search for the flag pole recipe, then place it at your desired location.

You'll need to make the base of the flag pole first, so get your raw materials ready. Add a log and use the sledgehammer to set up the pole's base. Establish the foundation by incorporating raw materials, which are 32 large stones and 6 wooden logs, into your base, and then dig around it to complete its construction.

The next step is to insert the flag pole. You'll need 60 nails, 1 metal wire, 1 rope, and 3 wooden logs for this. At the base of your flag pole, use your hatchet or hammer to finalize the pole's construction.

Finally, it's time to insert the flag. At the pole, you can take your flag and hoist it, and your flag pole is complete!

Keep in mind that the flag will descend over time, so you need to check it constantly. Make sure to keep an eye on your flag so as to maintain the security of your base. If the flag gets too low, you might end up losing your hard-earned items and gear.

That concludes our guide on how to craft a flag pole in DayZ. Before you go, feel free to check out how to turn on Head Torch in DayZ. Also, if you're wondering what the function of Splint is, here's a guide on how to use Splint in DayZ.

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