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Crusader Kings 3 Legacy of Persia release date, trailer, and more

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Crusader Kings 3 man stands with hand out to receive a bag of gold
Credit: Paradox Interactive

Want to know about what's coming in the next major Crusader Kings 3 expansion? We're here with the Crusader Kings 3 Legacy of Persia release date, as well as all the information from the expansion's trailer and more.

Announced on October 11, Legacy of Persia is set to provide a much-needed revamp of the Persian region, following high demand from players.

Join us as we go through all the confirmed changes coming with the Legacy of Persia expansion and how these changes may affect your gameplay.

Crusader Kings 3 Persian soldiers on horses, riding towards a castle on a hill.
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Credit: Paradox Interactive

Crusader Kings 3 Legacy of Persia release date

Alongside the announcement of Legacy of Persia, a release date was also given for the flavour pack. We can expect Crusader Kings 3 Legacy of Persia to become available on November 9, 2023. Given the rate at which Paradox Interactive have been releasing their flavour packs, this may well be the last flavour pack released until 2025.

The release of Legacy of Persia will mark the first substantial addition to the game since May's Tours and Tournaments DLC. It's also the third flavour pack to come out since Crusader Kings 3's launch, following in the footsteps of the Northern Lords and Iberia flavour packs.

Crusader Kings 3 Legacy of Persia trailer

In the trailer for Legacy of Persia, we get an idea of the changes that will be coming with the expansion. There appears to be a heavy emphasis on intrigue in Legacy of Persia, with suggestions of secret backroom agreements to make subtle plays for power. It's likely that this refers to the changes coming to the Clan Ruler government type, where individuals have greater influence and control over who governs the realm and how it is governed.

There also seems to be hints towards the theme of the expansion surrounding the relationship between wealth and authority. With the new religion-based Struggle that we know is coming with Legacy of Persia, which revolves around a divide between the elites and the peasantry, it seems likely that religious differences will be a major source of conflict.

Crusader Kings 3 Legacy of Persia features

Paradox Interactive have announced that Legacy of Persia will fully rework the Clan Ruler government type, emphasising the disruptions that can be caused when the clan in charge has internal conflict. Unified clans will be more able to exercise their authority, whilst domestic family feuds have more significant gameplay consequences.

Also coming in Legacy of Persia is a reworking of the Islam and Zoroastrianism religions. Islam is widely followed amongst the upper-class Persians in spite of a majoritarian Zoroastrian population in the region.

Screenshot from Crusader Kings 3 Legacy of Persia showing one of the new religious mechanics.
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Legacy of Persia will introduce Island and Zoroastrian religions.

Tied to the expansion of these religions will be a new Struggle added into the region in the form of the Iranian Intermezzo. This Struggle will allow players to influence the outcome of the collapse of Caliphal authority over the Persian region.

Complementing these changes, Paradox are adding a new bookmark start date to the game. Players will have the choice of five different characters to start their Persian adventure within the year 867. These bookmark characters are the best way to experience the new content coming in Legacy of Persia, with each of them directly affected by the changes coming to religions and clan mechanics.


Additionally, the Legacy of Persia expansion will include new Iranian cultural traditions, such as Court Scholars, as well as redesigns and additions to Persian buildings and character clothes. Lastly, eight new music tracks will be added to be experienced during playthroughs in the Persian region.

That's all there is to know about the upcoming release of Crusader Kings 3 Legacy of Persia, coming out on November 9, 2023. If you're looking for more Crusader Kings 3 content, we've got all the Crusader Kings 3 cheat codes for you to create some wacky scenarios with.

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