Crusader Kings 3 culture - everything you need to know

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Credit: PCGamesN

Crusader Kings 3 determines the types of benefits you get and the decisions you make. Depending on the culture you go with, you get a blend of positive and negative effects on your playthrough. Now the question is, which CKIII culture is the best for you?

There are various cultures in Crusader Kings 3's Middle Ages, from North Africa, Asia, America, and Europe. The one you go with determines your character's personality and how the game progresses.

To understand this better, let's check out a quick tier list of Crusader Kings 3 cultures, the most unique ones, how to merge them, and how to merge them.

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Culture in CKIII

Crusader Kings 3 culture tier list

Below is a tier list ranking all of the Crusader Kings 3 cultures from the best to the worst:

Crusader Kings 3 Culture tier list


Malleable Subjects
Castle Keepers


Hill Dwellers
Equal Inheritance


Collective Land
Culture Blending


Maritime Mercantilism
Ruling Caste


Tribal Unity

How to change culture in Crusader Kings 3

There are many ways to change the culture in Crusader Kings 3. Below is a closer look at how to do it:

Through a major decision

Making a major decision as a court-owned character can help to change your cultural tradition. For this, you need to meet one or more requirements for it. For this, the game has four major decision features, such as:

Adopt to English culture
  • Own the title 'Kindom of England'
  • Be an adult character
  • Be part of the Frankish culture group
  • Have a capital in the Kingdom of England
Adopt Occitan Culture
  • Have peace
  • Be an adult
  • Own and control a region of Burgundy
  • Own a capital in the region of Burgundy
  • The Lord must own the titles- Empire of Francia, the Holy Roman Empire, and the Kingdom of France
  • Own the Illustrious Level of Fame
Adopt Outremer Culture
  • Be part of the Frankish culture group
  • Be a member of a Christian Faith
  • Create the Outremer Empire decision
  • Have a capital in Persia, Africa, or the Middle East
  • Hold the title 'Empire of Outremer'
Adopt Norman Culture
  • Own the Duchy of Neustria under your control
  • Be peaceful
  • Be part of the Norse culture group
  • Have at least one country je dure with French Culture in the Duchy of Neustria

Through a minor decision

On the top right of your screen, you'll find a bottle of ink and a quill icon. Click it to open up a menu to take the 'Convert to Local Culture' decision action.

You can also convert your entire realm by choosing the Have the realm embrace local traditions' option.

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crusader kings 3 malleable subjects

What Crusader Kings 3 cultures are unique?

Some of the unique cultures include the Malleable Subjects, as it comes with zero negative consequences. Its upsides are the sped-up Cultural Acceptance. This means you pay half to hire mercenaries, and it's more challenging for vassals to join opposing factions.

Another unique option would be the Castle Keepers which adds more defense to your territory. While constructing is an expensive affair in this culture, the fortresses are indomitable. Not to forget, castles give you additional Renown and Prestige, and also an upper hand in combats for your lands.

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Crusader Kings 3 Culture Merge

How to merge cultures in Crusader Kings 3

Merging cultures can help you gain benefits from the chosen traditions. To do this, simply go to Culture Mode and click the other culture to open its window.

When that window opens up click on the button that says, 'Form Hybrid.'

In short, there are various cultures of Crusader Kings 3 to choose from, each with pros and cons. You can make your choice depending on your aims on how to expand your territory. So, try out this game today and experience the multiple ways you can rule over prominent lands in the Middle Ages.

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