How to Change Government Type in Crusader Kings 3

how to change government type in Crusader Kings 3
Credit: Screengrab via Paradox Interactive

how to change government type in Crusader Kings 3
Credit: Screengrab via Paradox Interactive

Knowing how to change government type in Crusader Kings 3 is a key feature that's worth mastering when managing your kingdom.

While Crusader Kings 3 features numerous government types, players typically encounter three primary ones: Feudal, Clan, and Tribe. These three systems combine to offer a multitude of different mechanisms and complications, therefore engaging the players to experiment with various approaches.

For the ones that are adventurous enough to alter the governance or are in search of change, Crusader Kings 3 gives a straightforward means to shift between the government types with just a press of a button. This ability enables the players to discover new ways of managing their kingdom depending on the events and situations of the game, making the gameplay more challenging and interactive.

How to Change Crusader Kings 3 Government Type

Changing your form of government in Crusader Kings 3 can be a bit challenging. However, tribal rulers can make the switch to either feudal or clan governments. Here's how to do this:


Before you can switch your government, you need to achieve Absolute Tribal Authority and meet specific conditions.

  • Have a reformed faith.
  • Reach 5 Development in your capital.
  • Attain at least level 2 Fame.
  • Obtain 70% of all Military and Civic Tribal Era Innovations.

Once you achieve them, you will find a choice in the Decisions menu which lets you select either the Feudal or Clan way. If you follow the Islamic faith, select Adopt Clan Ways, and for other religions, select Adopt Feudal Ways. After selecting your preferred option, your government type will instantly change accordingly.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that learning about the pros and cons of each government type will help you make the right choice. Also, if you wish to keep your original faith while adopting the Clan government, you can convert back to your religion after the transition.

Who Can Change Government in Crusader King 3?

In Crusader Kings 3, you have the possibility to set your government type either Feudal, Clan, or Tribal at the start of the game. Throughout the entire game, you will not be able to change it, except for Tribal rulers who have the option to transition into Feudal or Clan government.

While it seems the Muslim rulers are always Clans, you can convert to or from the Muslim faith without changing your governmental type. Even if you start as a Muslim Clan ruler and convert, you'll remain a Clan. Similarly, if you're Feudal and convert to a Muslim faith, you'll remain Feudal.

This separation makes it very clear that, unlike the Tribal rulers who have the option to change, Feudal and Clan rulers are mandatorily bound to their original forms of government throughout the course of the game.

This is everything we have about changing government type in Crusader Kings 3. For more stuff, you can read How to Declare War and Crusader Kings 3 cheat codes listed and explained.

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