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Credit: Paradox Interactive

Credit: Paradox Interactive

The Crusader Kings 3 2024 roadmap points out that there's plenty of good news for fans. Paradox Interactive has big plans for the game in 2024, and its arsenal looks full with additional content and two expansions.

In this guide, we'll examine the developer's plans for Crusader Kings 3 and what fans should expect. There are critical details here, and this piece needs to be evaluated carefully to ensure a good gaming experience.

Before moving on to our detailed Crusader Kings 3 2024 roadmap guide, you can take a look at our content, which provides details on cheat codes and how to use them. If you're looking for more stuff, we also have a guide that reveals the traits tier list.

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Credit: Paradox Interactive
Crusader Kings 3 2024 roadmap overview

Crusader Kings 3 2024 roadmap explained

Called Crusader Kings III: Chapter 3, the rollout includes the Legends of the Dead (Core) and Roads to Power (Major) expansions, alongside the Wandering Nobles event pack and Couture of the Capets cosmetic pack.

Players can buy content from the 2024 roadmap separately or as part of the Chapter 3 expansion pass for Crusader Kings 3. The cost of this bundle is €43.97.

If you decide to get these additions separately, the prices are as follows:

  • Couture Of The Capets - Free
  • Legends Of The Dead - €19.99
  • Roads To Power - €29.99
  • Wandering Nobles - €4.99

Paradox Interactive explains their 2024 roadmap as follows:

''Write glorious new sagas of military conquest and romantic adventures with Chapter III. This Chapter includes two expansions, one event pack, and one cosmetic enhancement. Enjoy new mechanics, new events, and new historical flavour to add greater depth to Crusader Kings 3!''

Crusader Kings 3 Couture Of The Capets

You are going to reveal a realm of luxury with Couture of the Capets. Accessible upon getting Chapter III, this cosmetic pack introduces fresh fashions and styles inspired by French royal culture in the High Middle Ages (13th century).

Crusader Kings 3 Legends Of The Dead

Transform into a legendary figure with this Core Expansion, where remarkable accomplishments and strategic propaganda can amplify the influence of your lineage across the ages.

Crusader Kings 3 Roads To Power

The majesty of the Byzantine Empire takes centre stage in this Major Expansion. Rule from Constantinople through a new Administrative Government form and experience a variety of new Byzantine-themed events and flavors. Or, be truly daring and live a life where your noble reputation is not tied to the land, roaming the map as an Adventurer for hire.

Crusader Kings 3 wandering nobles

Building on the travel system introduced with ‘Tours & Tournaments’, this event pack introduces a new Travel Lifestyle and new ways and reasons to travel - incidents and stories related to roaming far from the safety of your court.

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